What US Has left Behind in Afghanistan?

What US has left behind in Afghanistan?


What US Has left Behind in Afghanistan? as it finished pulling out its troops. This includes valuable equipment like airplanes, armored vehicles, and advanced defense systems at Kabul Airport. Concerns arise about the Taliban’s takeover and what it means for Afghanistan’s future.

What US Has Left Behind in Afghanistan?

The United States of America completely withdrew its forces from Afghanistan late on Monday, which marked the end of 20 years of War that culminated in the Taliban’s return to power. U.S. forces have posted a photograph of the last soldier leaving Kabul. That soldier is Major General Chris Donahue, Who boarded the C-17 aircraft to leave Kabul, marking the end of the United States presence in Kabul. Night vision camera photo from inside the globe master capturing the iconic moment. Mejor General Chris Donahue is the commander of the 82nd airborne division.

American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said that they have suspended the diplomatic presence in Kabul and moved its operations to Doha. He said that less than 200 Americans are still in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, As the United States pulled out, the Taliban rejoiced with celebratory firing. Taliban top commanders, mullah Baradar and Anas Haqqani with Badri Forces visited the Kabul airport to take stock of what was left behind by the United States military.

What has the U.S. left behind at the Airport? 

The U.S. had left millions of dollars worth of aircraft, armored vehicles, and sophisticated defensive systems to leave Kabul in a rush. Central command head General McKenzie has said that 73 aircraft at the Kabul airport were demilitarized before leaving. Apache Helicopters are in them, too. New Apache is worth over 30 million dollars, which is rendered useless by U.S. troops. The U.S. had built up a force of nearly 6,000 to occupy and operate the Airport when the evacuation process began.  

Although the U.S. claims that the delimited aircraft will never fly again, the Taliban claims they can repair the damaged aircraft, including the famous Chinook, Apache, and many more. 

United States forces have also left 27 Humvees behind. Light tactical vehicles. These were replaced by the MRAPs in Afghanistan and Iraq when they were found to be vulnerable to IED attacks. Its cost is one-third of an MRAP.

General Mckenzie added that the military left behind around 70 MRAP ( mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles) built to withstand IED ( improvised Explosive Devices)blasts. The Pentagon has credited this vehicle as ” saving the lives and limbs of thousands of troops.” The vehicle is worth 1 million dollars. 

The U.S. also left behind a CRAM (counter rocket artillery and mortar)system, a high-tech defense system used to protect the Airport from rocket attacks. The system had stopped the five rocket barrage from the Islamic State on Monday. General Mckenzie said the system was operational until the last minute before the last U.S. aircraft left ground force commander-general, Chris Donohue, with ambassador Ross Wilson. 

So what will happen at Afghanistan’s Kabul Airport now that the U.S. has completely withdrawn?

Afghanistan Parliament
Parliament of Afghanistan

Taliban says Their Elite force, the Badri-313, will be in charge of the Airport. Badri-313 force name comes from the historic battle of Badar, mentioned in the Quran. According to that, 300 soldiers defeated the thousands of enemies. It is uncertain how they will run logistics because it is one thing to take control of, but running it is a different story.

Taliban says they will keep the Airport open for civilians and allow Afghans to leave the country if they want to. But there is one fear that the Taliban will stop those who have worked with the collapsed government. Kabul Airport has been on the world’s watch for the last two weeks

It was the only way out of the war-torn country. Thousand of Afghans had besieged the Airport. A few of them fell to death after desperately hanging to the sides of an American C-17 military aircraft. Also, last week, an Islamic State suicide attack at the airport gate killed over 169 Afghans and 13 United States soldiers. 

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said at Hamid Karzai International Airport shortly after the last U.S. plane took off from Kabul. “This is a lesson for the world, he added; this is a victory for us. He said that we want good relations with America and the world. We want good diplomatic relations with all of them. The Taliban now occupy Kabul airport. The Taliban had entered the Airport as soon as the American plane left in the night.

U.S. central command chief General K Mckenzie announced” the completion of our withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of the military mission to evacuate American citizens, third-country nationals, and vulnerable afghans. the last C-17 lifted off from Hamid Karzai international airport on August 30th.”

With Americans gone, it’s the end of the longest U.S. war in history. It may also be curtains for freedom, liberty, and women’s rights under Taliban rule. 

What is happening in the Panjhshir Valley? 

News of a big clash between Taliban and resistance forces has come out in the last free province of Afghanistan, Panjshir.  Ahmad Masood’s side had said that 6 or 7 Taliban fighters had been killed when they attacked last night. A couple of the resistance fighters were also injured.

Meanwhile, Amrullah Saleh has refused to surrender to the Taliban. Also, he has called upon the global community to stand up for the right thing. He made it clear that he won’t give up without a tough fight. 


What did the United States leave behind at Kabul Airport?

The U.S. left behind millions of dollars worth of aircraft, armored vehicles, and sophisticated defensive systems, including 73 demilitarized aircraft, 27 Humvees, 70 MRAP vehicles, and a CRAM system.

Who is in charge of Kabul Airport now that the U.S. has withdrawn?

The Taliban’s elite force, the Badri-313, is now in charge of Kabul Airport. They have named it after the historic Battle of Badar and have pledged to keep it open for civilians, although concerns remain about the treatment of those who worked with the collapsed government.

What is the significance of the Panjshir Valley conflict?

The Panjshir Valley is the last free province in Afghanistan, where resistance forces led by Ahmad Masood and Amrullah Saleh are fighting against the Taliban. The conflict represents a struggle for control and resistance against the Taliban’s rule.

What is the future of Afghanistan under Taliban rule?

The withdrawal of U.S. forces marks the end of the longest U.S. war in history. However, concerns persist about the fate of freedom, liberty, and women’s rights under Taliban rule as they take control of the country.

Will the Taliban allow Afghans to leave the country via Kabul Airport?

The Taliban have stated that they will keep Kabul Airport open for civilians and allow Afghans to leave if they wish. However, there are fears that they may restrict the departure of those who have worked with the collapsed government.