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The Mig-25 Foxbat: A Soviet fighter jet that terrified Western countries.

The MIG 25 Foxbat In November 1971, two Israeli F4 Phantom fighter jets raced toward an unidentified plane. The F4 Phantom is one of the...
sixth generation fighter

Speed comparison of the sixth generation fighter aircrafts.

Sixth Generation fighter aircraft is a conceptual new generation of fighter aircraft predicted to be operational in the 2020-2050 timeframe.They will be superior in...
Israel's Top 7 military technologies.

These are the Israel’s Top 7 latest powerful military technologies.

Israel is constantly under threat and, as a result, is continuously looking for methods to gain an advantage over its adversaries.  The IDF is always...

4 Interesting facts about the awesome F-35A fighter Jet.

The United States (US) stealth fighter plane F-35A is an intriguing piece of technology. This stealth fighter plane is widely regarded as a top-tier...

How powerful are Iran’s ballistic missiles that Russia will employ?

Iran's ballistic missiles U.S. intel reports reported in The Washington Post on October 16, 2022, suggest that Iran may supply Russia with its short-range Iran's...

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