American Hawkeye : 105mm soft rear seat vehicle gun

“Hawkeye” was developed by Mandus Group. It is one of the lightest self-propelled howitzers in the world today. It is very suitable for hit-and-run tactics. After a round of burst firing, it can withdraw within 60 seconds before the enemy counterattacks.
It installs the American M20 105mm howitzer on the M1152A1 HMMWV off-road vehicle chassis, also known as the “105mm mobile weapon system” or “105MWS”, which is lower in cost than other artillery solutions and has strong precision strike capability. The gun will set the benchmark for light mobile artillery in terms of firepower, tactical mobility, strategic deployment and command/control capabilities.

105mm soft rear seat vehicle gun

The power of the M1152A1 HMMWV is a GM 6.5-liter V8 turbocharged diesel engine (formerly known as Detroit Diesel Engine, also used in other Hummer series vehicles), matched with a GTP 4-speed automatic transmission, outputting a maximum horsepower of 193 horsepower at 3400 rpm, Full-time four-wheel drive, strong off-road capability. The cab is armored. In addition to the Hummer, the chassis can also be replaced with other vehicles, such as the Mack Sherpa light tactical vehicle, which also uses an armored cab; standard pickup truck chassis, such as the Ford F-250, are also available.

105mm soft rear seat vehicle gun

Mack Sherpa Chassis

Designed to replace the 105mm towed howitzer, the Hawkeye has a modular design and is more automated than the latter and can be quickly redeployed. Its M20 105mm 27 caliber light howitzer can fire standard NATO 105mm ammunition. The maximum range when launching ordinary bombs is 11.5 kilometers; the maximum range when launching rocket-extended range bombs is 15.1 kilometers. Using a semi-fixed cartridge, the amount of propellant can be adjusted. In addition to curved shooting, the gun can also shoot directly, with a range of 2000 meters. Before launching, put down the 2 jacks on the front of the vehicle and the auxiliary hoe on the rear to fix the vehicle body, and the artillery can rotate 360°. Ammunition includes high-explosive, flare, rocket-extended range (RAP), high-explosive fragmentation (HEPF) and smoke.

American "Hawkeye" 105mm soft rear seat vehicle gun

The vehicle is designed to use barrels of various lengths, and customers can customize the length of the barrels according to their range needs. The gun has a fast rate of fire, basically equivalent to a 105mm towed howitzer, with a burst rate of 10-12 rounds per minute, a continuous rate of fire of 3 rounds per minute, and remote control shooting.

Due to the short range, the system needs to operate near the front line. The artillery is equipped with a hydraulic system and adopts soft recoil technology. Compared with traditional artillery, the recoil force is reduced by 50%, making the Humvee chassis strong enough to withstand the impact of the artillery launch.


In terms of fire control, the gun has an automatic digital fire control system, including LN-270 inertial navigation system (INS), MVR-700C muzzle velocity radar system, DFS-02 direct camera system, S67-1575-76 GPS antenna and DK10 gunner display ( GDU). Also equipped with an optical fire control unit with M187A1 telescope mount and M137A2 panoramic telescope.

In 2014, India publicly demonstrated its similar Garuda 105 light vehicle howitzer, which also uses the Hummer chassis, soft rear seat technology and a digital fire control system.


Crew: 3 people

Weight: about 4.4 tons

Length: about 5 meters

Width: about 2.4 meters

Height: About 2.3 meters in the marching state

Weapon: M20 105mm howitzer, secondary weapon can be equipped with machine gun

Bullet weight: 14.9-15.1 kg

Maximum range:

The firing range of ordinary projectiles is 11.5 kilometers;

The range of the rocket-extended projectile is 15.1 kilometers

Burst rate of fire: 10-12 rounds/min

Continuous rate of fire: 3 rounds/min

Gun Elevation: -5° to +72°

Power: GM’s 6.5-liter V8 turbodiesel making 193 hp at 3,400 rpm

Transmission: GTP 4-speed automatic transmission

Maximum road speed: 113 km/h

Travel: 400 kilometers

Approach Angle: 48º

Departure Angle: 39°

Maximum climbing: 40%

Maximum side slope: 30%

Maximum vertical obstacle clearance height: 0.3 meters

Maximum trench width: 0.5 meters

Maximum wading depth: 0.76 meters

Maximum wading depth (with auxiliary tools): 1.52 meters