AH-64 Apache vs MI-28 Night Hunter : A Comparison of two Deadly Attack Helicopters

AH-64 Apache vs MI-28 Night Hunter

Attack helicopters are so integrated into modern combat that taking them away can severely change the result of a battle.

They have the tanks like firepower, superior maneuverability, and mobility in the vertical dimension. The American Ah-64 Apache and Russian MI-28 Night Hunter are two of the world’s most advanced and deadliest attack helicopters.

 If you had to pick one to battle against ground Forces which would you go with?

AH-64 Apache vs MI-28 Night Hunter


Apaches production started in 1983, and around 2400 Apaches have been built so far with a per unit cost of 38 million.

Operated by A crew of two, the helicopter’s empty weight is 11387 pounds, and its maximum takeoff weight is 23000 pounds.

Apache has two turboshaft engines that make a total of 3,780 horsepower. The helicopter can reach a top speed of 182 miles per hour with a range of 1181 miles.

 The gunship can combat within a radius of 300 miles. with a climb rate of 2917 feet per minute; It can reach a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet.

In Addition, to a 30-millimeter chain gun, the helicopter comes with four hardpoints on stub wings and a station on each wingtip for a twin missile pack.

On the other hand, The Mi-28 Night Hunter came out for the first time in 1982. currently, the Russian army has 126-night hunters in its service. The unit cost of the latest variant is around 23 million dollars.

It holds a crew of two people; the helicopter comes in at a weight of 18938 pounds. And can take off with a maximum load of 25353 pounds.

Two turboshaft engines produce a total of 43,880 horsepower powering the night hunter. It can reach a top speed of 199 miles per hour with a range of 684 miles.

The helicopter can combat within a radius of 124 miles. With a climb rate of 20 677 feet per minute, Night hunters can reach a Maximum altitude of 18,000 700 feet.

The helicopter is outfitted with four hardpoints and armed with a 30-millimeter cannon.


AH-64 Apache vs MI-28 Night Hunter

Apache has two turboshaft engines, each of which can make 1,890 horsepower. Engines made by General Electric run the US version. Rolls-Royce makes the engines in the UK version. The helicopter has a flight time of over three hours and a top speed of 165 miles per hour.

Similarly, The Russian Mi-28 has two turboshaft engines, each housed in a pod attached to the top of the fuselage and with downward-facing exhausts. The helicopter has a flight endurance of two hours while it can cruise at a maximum speed of 168 miles per hour.

3. Survivability

The Apache can take hits from 23-millimeter rounds thanks to its comprehensive aircraft survivability equipment.

The Cabin crew is seated in a real Kevlar cockpit. The helicopter has rotor blades made of composite material that can continue flight even if the rotor is badly damaged.

Both engines are spaced apart and protected by armor plates which reduce the chance of losing both when one gets hit.

The helicopter will have a roughly 28-mile-per-hour impact with the ground during an emergency landing, giving the crew a good chance of survival.

The aircraft’s self-sealing fuel system and approximately 2,400 pounds of armor make it resistant to ballistic projectiles.

On the other hand, The Mi-28 has an armored cockpit that protects the crew from small-arms fire.

Protection of fuel tanks controls drive system auxiliary power units are also heavily armored. Hydraulic and rotor blades are made from composite material, which is also rated to withstand several hits.

The crew can survive a free fall of up to 27 miles per hour thanks to the landing gear and seats that absorb energy upon impact.

The mi-28 has a fully armored cabin, including the windshield, which can withstand 12.7-millimeter armor-piercing bullets and 20-millimeter shell fragments.

The night hunter’s unique System detects that an enemy radar has detected the helicopter. It activates a laser system that emits an invisible fire cloud around the aircraft, evading all existing heat-seeking missiles.

4. Avionics

Lockheed Martin has developed a new Apache targeting and night vision system. Arrowhead, the new System, features a dual-view for the pilot, a target tracker, and an automatic bore sight. The Apache has a millimeter wave longbow radar, which works even in low visibility.

The Apache’s helmet-mounted display is one of its revolutionary characteristics. With the integrated helmet and display sighting system, either the pilot or gunner can bind the 30-millimeter automatic chain gun of the helicopter to their helmet, allowing the weapon to track their head movements. It is also equipped with integrated radio frequency countermeasures.

Similarly, mi-28 pilots use helmet-mounted target designators, which allocate the target to the Navigators surveillance and fire control system.

When the pilot looks somewhere, the targeting system moves in that direction. Dual optical channels with varying viewing angles and a laser rangefinder make up the integrated surveillance and fire control system.

The integrated electronic combat system relies heavily on the microwave radar antenna atop the rotor head and the Forward-looking infrared System.

The System shows the helicopter’s location on a moving map indicator and flight and target information on an LCD.

5. FirePower

 The Apache is adaptable to various roles within its context as a close combat attack helicopter. In Addition, to the thirty-millimeter chain gun, The Apache is equipped with a wide variety of external stores and weapons.

The chain gun can shoot 625 bullets every minute. There is space for 1,200 rounds of ammunition in the helicopter. The Apache can be armed with a variety of air-to-air missiles, such as the Stinger, Sidewinder, Mistral, sidearm, and Hydra 70 rockets.

The helicopter is outfitted with four rail launchers, each of which can fire a hellfire missile. These air-to-surface missiles come with fire-and-forget modes ranging from 5 to 7.5 miles.

The Mi-28, on the other hand, can be armed with a wide variety of weapons, including air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, unguided rockets, and potted guns.

The helicopter is armed with 16 anti-tank missiles, including Ataka. The missile has a maximum range of five miles and can penetrate 950 to 1011 millimeter Armour.

The night hunter can also carry four containers with 20 unguided rockets. The helicopter can alternatively carry grenade launchers, various caliber machine guns, and aerial bombs.

Night hunter is also armed with a 30-millimeter cannon stabilized in two axis with a muzzle velocity of 0.6 miles per second .so what do you think? Which attack helicopter is better, America’s ah-64 Apache or Russia’s mi-28 night hunter?