Zelensky: Putin will end up being assassinated by his inner circle

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has predicted that his inner circle will assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin for managing the war in Ukraine. That is only a matter of time.

Zelensky made the remarks in the documentary “Year” by journalist Dmytro Komarov, which premiered on Friday to mark one year since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“There will certainly be a time when the fragility of the Putin regime will be felt in Russia,” Zelensky said, according to a translation provided by the online daily Ukrainska Pravda. “Then the carnivores will eat the carnivore. They will need a reason to justify it. They will remember the words of Komarov, of Zelensky… They will remember. They will find a reason to kill the killer. Will it work? If when? Don’t know”.

As part of the documentary, Zelensky also gave Komarov a tour of his underground bunker, where he leads the war and lives.

Russia’s invasion of its neighbor has been halted and, in some places, repulsed by the defenders, who receive arms and support from Western allies. As the death toll mounts on both sides, there have been reports of growing anger in Moscow with Putin.

In December, The Washington Post reported that Putin’s closest allies are frustrated and speculate that he has no real plan for Ukraine.

The newspaper reported that members of the Russian elite he spoke to said they could not predict what would happen next year and doubted that Putin knew what he would do.

A Russian billionaire with ties to top officials told the newspaper: “There is enormous frustration among the people around you. It is clear he does not know what to do”.

In addition to the military burden, Russia has become the world’s most sanctioned nation in the past year, targeted by more than 30 countries representing more than half of the global economy. But the pressure on its economy, trade, and companies has not yet given a coup de grace.

In a message posted on his Telegram channel on Sunday, Zelensky vowed to keep fighting.

This is our land. Our town. Our history. We will return the Ukrainian flag to all corners of Ukraine,” Zelensky wrote.