Wings of war: the flow of Iranian drones to Russia

The UK Ministry of Defense has revealed that the Kremlin receives regular supplies of Iranian Kamikaze drones, reminiscent of birds of prey stalking enemy territory. These drones, made in Iran, have reached Russia in small numbers but in constant flow, becoming a silent and lethal weapon.

Poachers in the Ukrainian skies

After a two-week hiatus, since the beginning of March, Russia has deployed around 71 of these deadly fighters in Ukrainian skies. Shahed-136 drones, like wolves on the prowl, are launched from two strategic points in Russia: the Krasnodar Krai region to the east and Bryansk Oblast to the northeast.

This dual approach gives Russia the flexibility to attack a large sector of Ukraine and decrease flight time to targets in the north of the country, stretching Ukrainian air defenses to the limit.

Night coup: Nikopol under attack

On Saturday night, a Russian drone attacked Nikopol like a nocturnal cat, reported Serhiy Lysak, the military administrator of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Although damage is still being assessed, no casualties have been reported in this stealth hit.

Deadly Alliance: Russia and Iran

Russia has been using Iranian drones for months, despite denials by Iranian authorities about selling these weapons platforms to the Kremlin. Meanwhile, Ukraine is looking to Israel for help dealing with these drones’ threats, requesting air defense units.

Although the previous Israeli government rejected these requests, former Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated that Jerusalem would support Kyiv in developing early warning systems.

Modern warfare has taken on a new face, one in which machines become deadly hunters, fanning out silently across the battlefield and striking their enemies without warning. In this brewing conflict, the fate of nations hangs in the balance as the shadows of these deadly drones loom over the horizon.