Why Russia Can't Stop Ukraine's Western Aid

Current situation in Ukraine

Since the war began in February 2022, the Russia-Ukraine war is about to last for a year. Both sides of the war have paid a heavy price, but in comparison, Ukraine has been affected more seriously and is irreversible.

The Ukrainian army has launched 9 rounds of mobilization so far, and most of the men of school age have been sent to the battlefield. According to information previously disclosed by the Israeli intelligence agency, the number of Ukrainian army casualties has reached 537,000.

At present, the Ukrainian army’s mobilization age limit has been relaxed to men between 16 and 70 years old, and many women have also been recruited. American politicians once said that Ukraine should save every last man for the West, but now Ukraine’s blood is really going to be drained.

Some experts have analyzed that if the war continues for another six months, Ukraine’s military supply will be completely exhausted, and the old, weak and sick will be wiped out. The tragic scene of being sent to the front line is not impossible.

In addition to the shortage of troops, Ukraine’s weapons reserves were exhausted early in the war. Currently, Ukraine is self-sufficient only in light weapons and ammunition. This is thanks to the Soviet Union’s huge ammunition reserves, but if the battle continues as it is now, If the intensity continues, the bullets will one day be used up.

Ukraine has been able to continue fighting until now and has even organized several successful counterattacks, thanks to the continuous flow of Western military assistance. At first, Western countries only provided some individual weapons and ammunition. As the battle continued, heavy artillery and armored vehicles from the West began to appear on the Ukrainian battlefield.

More importantly, a large number of foreign soldiers who have changed into Ukrainian army uniforms have filled the manpower gap on the front. Most of these so-called volunteers are mercenaries funded by Western countries, and there are even some active NATO troops who have directly changed their skins.

A Russian soldier fighting on the front line described it this way. He said that after November 2022, real Ukrainian soldiers will rarely be seen on the battlefield, and those who fight with them are almost all English-speaking foreign soldiers.

In January 2023, a video shot by foreign soldiers fighting in Ukraine became popular on the Internet. In the video, this so-called Ukrainian army unit spoke English and was holding a US military-standard M4A1 and even accessories on the rifle.

They are all standard US military-issued styles. Judging from the way they fought with the Russian special forces, they are obviously veterans who have been baptized on the battlefield.

This situation is not uncommon in Ukraine today. The entire Russian-Ukrainian front is full of such Western combat units wearing Ukrainian military skins. As the scale of Western military assistance to Ukraine continues to increase, this situation will become more frequent. The emergence of war will also bring unpredictable effects to the war.

Russia’s concerns

The whole world knows that Western military aid is the root cause of Ukraine’s continued resistance. Why has Russia never cut off the military aid chain between Ukraine and the West? Does it mean that Russia does not have this capability? This statement is half correct and half wrong.

First of all, we must confirm that Russia is indeed trying to interrupt the connection between the Ukrainian army and the West. The previous Russian cruise missile attack on the building where the Foreign Legion lives is clear proof.

Why Russia Can't Stop Ukraine's Western Aid

But it is not that easy to completely cut off this chain. Almost all the aid Ukraine receives comes from Poland. Not only weapons and equipment but also many foreign mercenaries are first assembled in Poland and then enter Ukraine through the border to fight.

You must know that the Uzbekistan-Poland border is more than 500 kilometers long. Russian cruise missiles alone cannot blow it up. If it is heavy equipment transported by railway, it is okay. The cruise missile can remotely name it, but if it is light equipment and personnel, the missile’s impact is very bad.

Russia has only two ways to control the Ukrainian-Polish border fully. One is that the Russian Aerospace Forces patrol the border 24 hours a day and launch air strikes on people and materials crossing the border at any time. The other is that the Russian ground troops directly advance to the border to eliminate it completely.

Here comes the problem. For reasons that only Russia knows, the Russian Aerospace Force has not really participated in the Russian-Ukrainian battle. The Aerospace Force, with a total strength of 430,000, has been in a state of stealth from the beginning of the war.

Many people believe that if the Aerospace Forces could enter the battle, the Russian army would not be fighting like this, and the war would not last for such a long time.

Even at the most critical moment of the war, the Aerospace Force did not show up on the battlefield. Letting it win the air supremacy on the Ukrainian-Polish border would be even more foolish. Let’s not talk about whether it is willing or not. Does the Russian Aerospace Force still have it? This ability is hard to say.

Once Russian fighter jets appear over the Ukrainian-Polish border, a fierce air battle with NATO fighter jets will almost certainly break out, and the scale of the war may also expand further.

The air and space forces cannot be counted on, and the ground forces are even less meaningful to discuss. If the Russian army could push the front to the border, it would have won the war long ago.

Currently, Russia and Ukraine are always in a stalemate. In the final analysis, it is because Russia has never. We are determined to use all the strength of the country to fight against Ukraine.

Ukraine’s nuclear shield

Seeing that it was hopeless to cut off external military aid from the source, Russia could only focus on weapons and equipment storage facilities in Ukraine, especially the warehouses where Western aid equipment was stored, which became the focus of Russian missiles. This tactic was indeed effective at the beginning. It worked to a certain extent but was quickly cracked by Ukraine.

According to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Ukraine has begun to store high-value weapons and equipment in local nuclear power plants to deter the Russian military from launching air strikes on civilian nuclear facilities, even if it knows the specific location of the storage facilities.

I have to admit that this method of using nuclear power plants as nuclear shields is indeed clever. Currently, only one nuclear power plant in Ukraine is controlled by the Russian army, and the remaining three are still in Ukrainian hands.

Attacking nuclear facilities is a very serious war crime. If it is not done well, it will cause a regional or even global nuclear disaster. Even if the Russian army hates it, it can only bite its teeth and swallow it.

But such a move by Ukraine is tantamount to kidnapping the whole world on its own chariot. Regardless of Russia’s current restraint, once Ukraine backfires and allows the situation to develop to the point of using nuclear weapons, not only nuclear power plants but also nuclear power plants will disappear from the earth. There is the whole of Ukraine.