Why is the AK-47 called the King of Guns?

Why is the AK-47 called the King of Guns?

Since the birth of the rifle, the rifle has become the most important weapon of infantry in war; in the history of human firearms has spawned many famous guns, such as the United States M-16 rifle, Germany 98K masher rifleJapan 38 rifle, Soviet Mohsin-Nagan rifle and so on, but these guns in front of this rifle will be overshadowed. 

SO, Why is the AK-47 called the King of Guns?

It is the world-famous AK-47 rifle; you can find it whether it is a military magazine, war-themed film, or video. Its cheap cost and reliable performance are not comparable to other rifles. People give the AK-47 a very bullying nickname, called “King of Guns.” Then what is the reason to support the AK-47 as the “King of Guns” title?

Why is the AK-47 called the King of Guns?
Indian security personnel with Arsenal AR-M1F

As the world’s most famous rifle, the AK-47 begins with a look at the life of this gun. The inventor of the AK-47 was a Soviet soldier called Kalashnikov Kalashnikov; during the Soviet-German war in the early 1940s, Kalashnikov was injured in battle and forced to recuperate. After the injury, Kalashnikov was eager to return to the front line to fight but did not achieve.

To help the motherland fight against the war, Kalashnikov began to develop firearms; after several years of development, Kalashnikov finally developed the AK-47’s predecessor, AK46, in 1947, after further improvement. The reliable generation of famous guns, the AK-47, was finally born, and since then, the AK-47 has become the Soviet Army’s equipment.

Why is the AK-47 called the King of Guns?
CRPF with FAB akm

Since the AK-47 began its legendary path in the world, because of its extremely reliable, extremely simple structure, solid and durable, cheap, flexible and convenient use, AK-47 rifles quickly became popular in the world, whether it is guerrillas, militants, terrorists, militias or the regular national army, AK-47 rifles have been mass-equipped.

Since the AK-47 rifle was introduced in 1947 and has been in production for more than 60 years, up to 100 million AK-47 rifles have been produced. Armed with troops from at least 50 countries, they have participated in most of the armed conflicts sat in most parts of the country for half a century, and even some national leaders have produced gold AK-47s and printed AK-47s on flags and banknotes that symbolize the country, asking which rifle has such influence and treatment.

In addition to the high production of AK-47 rifles, another thing that makes it “world-famous” is that it is the world’s most murderous weapon; according to statistics from the 1950s to the present, more than 60 years, the number of people who died under the AK-47 rifle muzzle reached more than 20 million, which is a concept, equivalent to one-sixth of Russia, 80 percent of Canada’s population, this is some horror because THE AK-47 is called the most effective, with weapons of mass destruction.

Why is the AK-47 called the King of Guns?

So much so that his designer, Kalashnikov, regretted inventing the rifle, saying that if he had another chance, he would have invented a lawnmower rather than the killing machine.

Many countries have copied the AK-47, including Poland, Cuba, North Korea, China and others. Indian armed forces also use an improved variant of the AK-47, which is km. Currently, Indian armed forces use several variants of AKM and AK-47, such as Bulgarian, East German, Romanian, and fab modification Akm.

If the American cultural symbol is fast food and cola, The Japanese cultural symbol is the Sony camera, the German cultural symbol is the car, then the Russian cultural symbol is THE AK-47; because of its great influence, AK-47 has been not only a gun, but the cultural symbol of The Russian country, but also in line with the national characteristics of Russian military worship, as a milestone in the assault rifle, AK-47 in many light weapons, Only Germany’s Mauser and Colt revolver can match its influence. Hence, it’s the “King of Guns” title for the AK-47.

Cool Facts About Ak-47

  • The AK stands for “automatic Kalashnikov” — after the inventor. Forty-seven is a reference to the year that it was invented.
  • There are somewhere between 75 and 100 million AK-47s worldwide — or one for every 60 people on earth.
  • Each year, some 250,000 people die from wounds inflicted by an AK-47.
  • In some parts of the world, an AK-47 can be purchased for as little as $10. In most places, one can be bought for $100 – $300, depending upon the area’s hostilities level—generally, the more conflict, the higher the price.
  • While more than 20 countries currently produce the AK-47, China is the world’s largest producer. Russia no longer makes the weapon — but has large stockpiles. Also, china gives their type-56 (clone of AK-47) to Pakistani terrorists.