Whose side is the United States really on?

Shortly after the Hamas pogrom of October 7, the United States sent two aircraft carriers, additional ground warplanes and, finally, a guided-missile submarine to the region. This was said to be a “clear message of deterrence” to Hezbollah and its sponsor, Iran, warning them not to escalate the subsequent war between Israel and Hamas by attacking Israel from southern Lebanon.

With 150,000 precision-guided missiles embedded among the Lebanese civilian population and capable of striking all of Israel, Hezbollah represents a far greater threat to Israel than Hamas.

But Hezbollah is already at war with Israel. Since the Hamas atrocities, Hezbollah has been regularly firing volleys of missiles into northern Israel, causing the evacuation of Israeli communities closest to the border and sending thousands of Israelis to their shelters.

Iran is also waging war against the United States itself. Over the past month, Iranian proxies in the region have launched drone and rocket attacks on US air bases in Iraq and Syria on at least 40 occasions. Dozens of American personnel have been injured, and one American contractor died of cardiac arrest.

However, the American response has been weak. It has limited itself to shooting down drones and carrying out a couple of airstrikes in eastern Syria against buildings classified as weapons warehouses “affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,” but otherwise, it has done nothing at all.

Iranian and Hezbollah attacks continue. So, what exactly would it take to establish deterrence? At what point does the Biden administration decide that the war in the north has escalated and requires a decisive response?

What is the use of the powerful war apparatus that the United States has sent to the region if it is not going to be used?

And if we are all asking that question, how does the United States think the Iranian regime will respond?

The passivity of the United States goes hand in hand with a notable cooling of its initial support for Israel. Immediately after the Hamas atrocities, US President Joe Biden visited Jerusalem, pledged that the United States would stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel in the total destruction of Hamas, and embarked on arms supply programs costing millions of dollars.

Now, however, there has been an ominous shift in rhetoric. With Israel having trapped Hamas at the nerve center of its terrorist operations in Gaza City and on the verge of dealing a decisive blow, Biden had called for a three-day “pause” in Israel’s ground operation. Such a ceasefire would halt the IDF’s momentum, throw a lifeline to Hamas, and increase the terrorist group’s chances of survival. Israel has now agreed to daily four-hour “pauses” to allow for aid and evacuation.

Last week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told a Senate hearing that after Israel managed to oust Hamas, “what would make the most sense would be for an effective and revitalized Palestinian Authority to have the governance and, ultimately, the responsibility for the security of Gaza.”

Oh really? This is the same Palestinian Authority that incites a jihadist holy war against Israel, pays rewards to terrorists and their families, teaches Palestinian Arab children to murder Jews and steal their land, and is presiding over a huge increase in murderous attacks against Israelis in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria.

Not only is Blinken’s proposal a recipe for further Israeli bloodshed, it also ignores the elephant in the room. Israel is not only fighting Hamas and Hezbollah. He is fighting Iran.

Tehran funds and arms Hamas and, as Hamas has acknowledged, was behind the October 7 pogrom. Iran finances and arms Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, Syrian militias, Iraqi Shiites and Palestinian Arabs in the disputed territories.

Israel is thus surrounded by a regime and its representatives whose goal is the annihilation of the Jewish State. If Iran is not stopped, Israel will soon face the ultimate nightmare of a genocidal enemy armed with nuclear weapons.

Even if Hamas is totally destroyed, Hezbollah and Iran will still have to be dealt with. America needs to hit the head of the snake.

But the Biden administration carefully avoids identifying Iran as the real enemy because the terrible truth is that the United States has strengthened Iran.

Not only would the Obama administration’s 2015 nuclear deal have allowed for a nuclear-armed Iran after only a few years of delay. It also funneled billions into Tehran’s coffers, which it used to accelerate its regional power grab and terrorist activities.

The Biden administration has continued this strategy of empowering Iran. It has groveled before Tehran in an attempt to restore the nuclear deal, relaxed sanctions once again, and only retaliated four times against the 90 attacks carried out by Iranian proxies in the last three years against US forces in Iraq and Syria.

Even now, the Biden administration still wants to get Iran on its side. Even now, he continues to beat the drum for a Palestinian Arab state despite the murderous terrorism against Jews incited by the people the United States wants to lead it.

As a result, far from covering Israel’s back, the Biden administration is pointing its knives at it.

The IDF is doing everything it can to protect Gaza civilians in the middle of a war. He warns them to evacuate target buildings using pamphlets, phone calls, and “hit the roof” missiles. It has established a humanitarian corridor to the south, along which it has been protecting evacuees from Hamas attacks.

However, even though the United States did not take similar steps to protect Iraqi civilians when it devastated Mosul in its fight against ISIS , Washington is increasingly badgering Israel to do more to protect Gaza civilians.

This is clearly paving the way for Washington to abandon Israel in the event of a truly high number of civilian deaths in Gaza.

This evil appeasement of Iran and bullying of Israel dates back to former President Barack Obama . In his recent remarks about the Hamas pogrom and the Gaza war, Obama equated Hamas’ “horrible” atrocities with Israel’s “unbearable” occupation and war.

But Israel has not “occupied” Gaza since 2005. If Obama was referring to the disputed territories, what is “unbearable,” there is the daily and relentless campaign of murderous attacks against Israeli Jews.

Obama’s attempt to shift the blame for the depraved onslaught against Israeli Jews onto Israel itself was despicable and morally degenerate. Worse yet, the Biden administration is full of retreads and Obama acolytes. And there are even worse things.

In September, news platform Semafor and London-based émigré opposition outlet Iran International sensationally reported on a major leak of Iranian government correspondence and emails.

They revealed that, in 2014, senior Iranian Foreign Ministry officials began a quiet effort to bolster Tehran’s image of its nuclear program through a network of influential academics and researchers abroad.

It was about the Iranian infiltration of the Obama administration. At least two of the people on the Iranian network’s list were or became, senior aides to envoy Robert Malley. Malley was the point man on Iran in both the Obama and Biden administrations until he was placed on leave in June following the suspension of his security clearance.

The leaked materials showed that, in 2021, Malley helped infiltrate the State Department with an Iranian influencer named Ariane Tabatabai, associated with the Iranian network, to assist him in his negotiations with Iran.

Tabatabai then moved to the Pentagon, where she still works as chief of staff to Under Secretary of Defense for Special Operations Christopher Maier in an office that oversees the recovery of hostages—including, presumably, American citizens now held hostage by Hamas.

No one will say why Malley was suspended other than that it was for “mishandling classified material.” The strict secrecy suggests that what he did was devastating to national security.

Meanwhile, as Lee Smith writes in Tablet: “Pro-Hamas and pro-Iran influencers inside the Pentagon are reporting that Israel is manipulating the US into a war with Iran.”

Whose side is the United States really on?