What's behind Biden's bear hug to Israel

In his last speech, Hassan Nasrallah stated that “the US administration is leading this battle.” What does this mean? Relations between the White House and Israel are known to be complex and motivated by interests.

Opposition to settlements, led by the two-state solution, promotes the well-being and lives of Palestinians at the expense of Israeli interests.

Suppose we sail through the wings of history. In that case, we find Jonathan Pollard, who was disproportionately imprisoned for his actions, the delay in the supply of weapons during the Yom Kippur War under Kissinger’s “Let them bleed” policy, and the refusal to bomb Auschwitz.

Biden himself is known for his cold attitude towards Israel and his hostility towards Netanyahu, which manifested itself in a prolonged and deafening silence after the latter’s invitation to the United States and during his only visit to Israel in Lapid’s brief term.

In a rare gesture of political generosity, Biden visits almost daily in the middle of a war, expressing his unconditional support for Israel, sending US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to meet with the prime minister for more than seven hours at the Kirya base, rushing to arm Israel and, despite Israel’s unprecedented attacks, constantly keeping a low profile on the demand for a ceasefire.

Furthermore, the United States, in an unusual move, sent a submarine with nuclear warheads to the Persian Gulf region as a forceful threat to Israel’s enemies. What is the reason for this unusual behavior?

It seems that the reason is very simple, too simple. Hamas, in theory and in practice, is a military arm of Iran, which has maintained severe hostile relations with the United States for the past decades.

The math is simple: when Israel fights Hamas, it is doing the United States’ job. Israel’s combat capabilities, motivation, exponential increase in recruitment, devotion and love for its people and country all play in favor of its “big sister.”

How does this “bear hug” affect Israeli interests? The Prime Minister’s statements will shed light on this. The goal of the war was to subjugate Hamas and recover the abductees, and nothing more.

Israel has no desire to control the Gaza Strip or its citizens, nor is it interested in resettling them. The day the last Hamas terrorist is destroyed, and the last hostage sets foot on Israeli territory, the war will be over.

If neither Hamas nor Israel controls the Gaza Strip, who will get the loot? The painful answer is some form of reincarnation of the Palestinian Authority, the same entity that funds with Israeli money the salaries of terrorists and military training aimed at destroying the State of Israel.

The same Authority that this month refused to accept their money to offset funds destined for Gaza, arguing that different parts of the Palestinian people should not be separated, the same Authority that is protected and favored by foreign governments.

The bitter truth is that the American administration is manipulating the Israeli government, cynically sacrificing its best children every day. In the end, if there are no changes, the same monstrosity will rise in the Gaza Strip. He may change his name and appearance and may even offer some kind of truce, but his essence will remain unchanged.

No terminology can erase the deep-rooted hatred and deep, ancient desire to annihilate the Jews and have the name of Israel not remembered.

The blow we have suffered has led us more than ever to an uprising of conscience. We must exercise freedom of thought and government based on faith in God and include the courageous conquest and destruction of wasp nests and the massive settlement of Jews in the Gaza Strip and the rest of the country, from the river to the sea.

The current government will soon have to hand back the keys in disgrace but could redeem itself if it changes course and takes this step.

By: Rabbi Ya’akov Natana’el