What If US B-2 Bombers Strike? Can Any Country Survive? Only 2 May Endure

Introduction: In modern history, many countries have experienced the First World War and the Second World War. Almost all the countries participating in this war have become battlefields. However, due to its remote location, there is a country that has not experienced war except for one Japanese sneak attack. This country is the United States.

In World War I and World War II, the United States made a lot of war fortune and obtained huge war dividends. After that, the United States quickly made a fortune, and its economic strength and military strength rose actively in an instant, becoming the king of the world.

What If US B-2 Bombers Strike? Can Any Country Survive? Only 2 May Endure

The United States summed up its experience in World War I and World War II. They believed that aircraft’s stealth capability would be vital in future modern warfare, so the United States took the lead in developing stealth engines.

This technology of the United States is far ahead, and the most powerful one is the B2 stealth bomber. The development of B2 began during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. In 1997, B2 officially entered the U.S. Air Force service and became the most potent killer among American fighter jets. Due to the high cost, the United States only installed 20 aircraft.

Although the number is small, most countries will tremble in the face of B2. If all these bombers are dispatched, then only two countries in the world can prevent and resist them. These two countries are China and Russia. In the international situation, the war between Russia and Ukraine is still in full swing, and NATO, led by the United States, is rubbing Russia on the ground. These countries also impose restrictions and sanctions on various Chinese companies. China is currently the biggest thorn in the eyes of the United States and its competitor.

What If US B-2 Bombers Strike? Can Any Country Survive? Only 2 May Endure

The B2 bomber is still the most advanced in the world, and bombers from other countries are childish in front of it. The key to its power lies in its powerful stealth ability. The stealth ability of B2 is terrifying. Now all the radars in the world cannot detect it; even the United States radar cannot detect it.

In order to enhance the stealth capability, the shape of the B2 is very different from that of conventional bombers. It adopts an exceptional flying wing configuration and radar stealth design. From the outside, it doesn’t look like a human bomber at all but like an alien aircraft.

The cost of B2 is extremely expensive. The cost of one is as high as 2.4 billion U.S. dollars, which is three times more expensive than gold of the same weight. Therefore, the United States only built 21, one has crashed, and there are currently 20 left. Although the number is not large, most countries in the world cannot resist these 20 B2s dispatched together, and the most advanced radar cannot capture its position because it is smaller than a bird on the radar reflection surface.

Compared with the fifth-generation fighters, the B2’s airframe performance is actually relatively weak. It can only fly at subsonic speeds and has no carpet-bombing capabilities. Its biggest function is to carry out precise bombing and bombing, and it was born for this. Therefore, after the B2 came out, almost all countries believed it was irresistible, especially those with underdeveloped air defense construction. The B2 can enter and exit freely and can drive directly to bomb targets with precision.

In 1999, the Yugoslav embassy was bombed by B2. In order to deal with the threat posed by B2, powerful countries in the world have almost increased their research on anti-stealth technology in addition to improving the stealth capabilities of their local fighters. At present, the military powers in the world are nothing more than the United States, Russia and China. 

Although Russia is not as powerful as we imagine now, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, Russia inherited most of its heritage. Before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there was in-depth research on the stealth technology of the US military. The Soviet Union not only had anti-stealth radars, they also had advanced surface-to-air missile systems. Russia’s huge anti-stealth radar is at the leading level in the world, and it can detect stealth targets up to hundreds of kilometers. They have also captured B2 targets many times in the Bering Strait. 

China has been committed to the development of domestic anti-stealth radar. At present, my country’s domestic anti-stealth radar technology is also at an advanced level. Moreover, China’s original intention in developing anti-stealth radar is to target B2. However, B2’s stealth capability is strong enough.