What has happened in Afghanistan in the last 24 hours.


US decision of leaving Afghanistan resulted Taliban Capturing the country within just a few weeks. The situation is changing every minute. 

As Taliban Advanced from one city to the next. Many governers surrendered themselves. They did not want to fight as they knew how much blood bath it will be. Governers surrender one by one making the Taliban moves faster that could be why they reached the capital so fast. 

  • President Ashraf Ghani fled the country to Tajikistan.
  • Amidst all the chaos, Several countries are trying to evacuate their citizens & diplomats out of Kabul.
  • As news coming from Kabul every minute, we will see what has happened in the last 24 hrs. 
  • In the chaos at Kabul international airport, US troops kill three armed men. They were trying to board the plane by force. 
  • Shocking videos have emerged from the airport when hundreds of people are running with the plane as it’s advancing for take-off. 
  • Some men could be seen hanging on the plane’s main door as well. There were some on the wing. 
  • Next, videos circulated of two men falling off the plane as the plane took off. That was horrifying. It shows how people are trying to leave the country. And these were the men. We can even imagine how children, the elderly, and women are going to face all these. 
  • On Monday morning, US troops took control of the airport to evacuate their diplomats, citizens, and allies. 
  • Fled president Ashraf Ghani said “he took this step to avoid bloodshed. He also said after 20 years Taliban has won, now Afghanistan security is in the hands of the Taliban” 
  • Meanwhile, the former Afghan president said in a social media video that he would remain in Kabul.
  • Earlier Taliban captured the presidential palace. In an Al Jazeera video, Taliban Fighters can be seen in the presidential palace having snacks. 
  • On Sunday, Britain announces that afghani students studying in Britain on scholarship will no longer be admitted from next month. After criticism, Prime minister Borris said that he would help such students by giving them visas.
  • The Taliban has captured Bagram Airfield and the prison outskirts of Kabul. Bagram Airfield is the military airport from where America has operated the 20 years-long war.
  • Afghanistan’s female parliamentarian Farzana Kochai told the BBC that people are trying to leave Kabul, but there is no place to run. She told the BBC  “women had stopped going to work in areas under Taliban control. They can not go to school or the office.
  • A recent video Shows the Taliban has control over Afghanistan’s parliament, which was built by India 6 years ago.