What happened in the Open Hatch Incident with the Indian Submarine INS Arihant?

In a story of maritime intrigues and mysteries, the INS Arihant, an Indian submarine, experienced a mishap with a supposed hatch open.

Arihant’s encounter with seawater

It was 2017 when the $2.9 billion submarine ship INS Arihant was reportedly sidelined from action for ten months due to an incident with an open hatch while in port.

Seawater rushed in, reportedly causing serious damage to the Arihant’s engine room. The damage did not end there: the seawater would have corroded the pipes, threatening to affect its nuclear reactor. The news quickly traveled the world, causing a media frenzy of considerable proportions.

Doubts about the INS Arihant hatch

However, as always, there are two sides to the coin. Several sources, including BlackDot, a fact-checking website, disputed the story of the open hatch on the Indian submarine.

Following their investigation, BlackDot claimed that the incident did not happen as reported. The original publication, which appeared in the Indian outlet The Hindu in January 2018, was questioned.

According to BlackDot, not only was the submarine not sunk or damaged, but in 2018 Arihant even went on patrol, which would contradict the version that it was inactive for so long.

The enigma of the missing hatch in the INS Arihant

BlackDot’s denial was not alone. Other media, such as the Economic Times of India, questioned the very existence of the hatch in question.

The Arihant is based on a Russian double-hull design with a sealed nuclear reactor section. According to this design, there are no hatches. The Economic Times statement notes that even if the Arihant needed to refuel its nuclear core, there would be no hatch to do so. To carry out this action, the hull would have to be opened and welded again.

The Arihant, a submarine in full service

Beyond the versions and doubts, the truth is that the INS Arihant is still in service. Indeed, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Twitter that the submarine successfully completed a deterrence patrol in late 2018.

This confirms that India has a fully functional nuclear submarine capable of operating silently at great depths for long periods and capable of firing nuclear missiles while submerged. A significant feat for the Indian Army, no doubt.

Arihant: overcoming an incredible story

Sometimes the most incredible stories turn out to be just that: incredible. In this case, it appears that the supposed open hatch never existed.

But one thing is for sure; the INS Arihant submarine is a remarkable construction of the Indian Navy and its defense base and shipyards. A nuclear-powered submarine that is capable of launching nuclear-tipped missiles.

Frequently Asked Questions about the INS Arihant Submarine

What exactly happened to INS Arihant in 2017?

According to reports, in 2017 the INS Arihant allegedly suffered damage due to an open hatch. However, various outlets and fact-checking organizations have disputed this version.

Does the INS Arihant have hatches?

According to sources such as the Economic Times of India, the design of the INS Arihant, based on a Russian model, would not include the presence of hatches.

Was the INS Arihant out of service for a long time?

Despite the stories that the submarine was inactive for ten months, there are conflicting reports. In fact, it was reported that he went on patrol in 2018.

Is the INS Arihant a fully functional submarine?

According to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the INS Arihant is a fully operational nuclear submarine capable of firing nuclear missiles while submerged.

Who made the INS Arihant?

The INS Arihant is a product of the Indian Navy and its defense base and shipyards. This submarine is a purely Indian creation.