The role of submarines in naval warfare has undergone drastic changes after the modern warfare stage, which makes submarines no longer a naval warfare weapon, but an important part of nuclear power. Today I will take stock of the three strongest deep-sea weapons in Europe

3. British Pioneer-class nuclear submarine

What are the strengths of the top nuclear submarines in Europe? 

At the end of the last century, with the help of the United States and other countries, the United Kingdom finally completed the development of the Pioneer-class nuclear submarine, which allowed the United Kingdom to barely maintain its nuclear deterrent capabilities after entering the stage of modern warfare.

In fact, the UK is highly dependent on the supply chains of other countries in the nuclear submarine production chain, which has highlighted the decline in the level of the UK’s defense industry.

What are the strengths of the top nuclear submarines in Europe? 

The Pioneer-class nuclear submarine with a relatively large full-load displacement has outstanding submergence capabilities. The reason lies in noise control. The propellers of the Pioneer-class nuclear submarine use the most advanced manufacturing technology to control the noise at about 105 decibels, but 094 The Type 094 nuclear submarine has a noise of 120 decibels, which makes the Pioneer-level nuclear submarine better than the Type 094 nuclear submarine in noise control.

In addition, in terms of the weapon system, the Pioneer-class nuclear submarine equipped with 16 Trident missiles is superior to the Type 094 nuclear submarine in terms of strategic deterrence, which makes it barely support the signboard of Britain’s nuclear capabilities today.

2. France’s Triumph-class nuclear submarine

What are the strengths of the top nuclear submarines in Europe? 

As the most expensive nuclear submarine, the Triumph-class nuclear submarine, France’s national weapon, has become the nuclear umbrella of France and even the European Union. Unlike the United Kingdom, France has completed the development of the entire nuclear submarine with one country. This makes the French defense industry. The strength has been displayed.

The Triumph-class nuclear submarine is close to the British Pioneer-class nuclear submarine in terms of tonnage, but in terms of dive capability, the Triumph-class nuclear submarine is much superior, which facilitates its submarine missions and is also one of the reasons for its high cost.

What are the strengths of the top nuclear submarines in Europe?

Of course, in terms of noise reduction, the Triumph-class nuclear submarine has taken a different approach, using a high-pressure water jet propulsion method, which makes its noise theoretically lower than 90 decibels. It should be regarded as the best nuclear submarine for noise reduction, but the Triumph-class nuclear submarine France has not announced exactly how the noise is, but what is certain is that it is absolutely excellent in terms of noise reduction.

Carrying 6 MSBS submarine-launched ballistic missiles, coupled with the deterrence of the M45 nuclear warhead; this makes the Triumph-class nuclear submarine the most deterrent nuclear submarine in Europe.

1. Russia’s Borei-class nuclear submarine

What are the strengths of the top nuclear submarines in Europe?

After inheriting the legacy of the Soviet Union, Russia is naturally very leading in nuclear submarine technology. In order to build a representative of Russia’s underwater nuclear power, Russia, which is still in an era of economic difficulties, decided to build a Borei-class nuclear submarine to strengthen its national defense. The Borei-class nuclear submarine is definitely the largest in the world in terms of full-load displacement, with a full 24,000 tons, which means that its size is amazing.

Therefore, the Borei-class nuclear submarine can carry 16 submarine-launched ballistic missiles at a time and can launch more than one hundred guided hypersonic warheads.

What are the strengths of the top nuclear submarines in Europe?

This kind of hypersonic warhead with high penetration capability, once locked on the target and launched, basically hits every shot. Basically, no country can intercept it, which also highlights its strategic deterrence capability. Compared with other nuclear submarines in the world horizontally, the Borei-class nuclear submarine has surpassed the nuclear submarines of the Soviet era in terms of strategic deterrence, making it firmly ranked first in Europe for nuclear submarine deterrence.