What are the combat capabilities of the French AMX-10RC for Ukraine against Russian tanks?
The French AMX-10RC is not a main battle tank, but it will be able to fight against Russian MBTs like the T-72 and T-80. Articles combat chariots News Land

Although the French-supplied Ukrainian AMX-10RC combat vehicle is not a main battle tank (MBT), its configuration as a wheeled reconnaissance and fire support vehicle give it significant advantages over MBTs. There is currently no data about the AMX-10RC model that France will sell to Ukraine.

A more advanced version of the AMX-10RC, the AMX-10RCR, improves upon its predecessor in terms of speed, firepower, and safety measures. The AMX-10RC’s 6×6 wheel arrangement gives it superior mobility to most tracked MBTs, letting it quickly and easily cover a wide variety of terrain. It can reach speeds of up to 85 km/h on the highway and has a range of up to 800 km, making it more flexible and easier to deploy.

What are the combat capabilities of the French AMX-10RC for Ukraine against Russian tanks?
The AMX-10RCR is an upgraded version of the AMX-10RC, offering more mobility, firepower, and protection.

When it comes to tactics, the AMX-10RC functions as a reconnaissance vehicle, allowing it to carry out various missions such as scouting, target acquisition, and fire support to other units. This versatility allows it to serve multiple purposes on the battlefield, in contrast to MBTs that are primarily focused on engaging enemy armor.

Due to its smaller size and weight compared to MBTs, the AMX-10RC has a reduced logistics footprint. This means that it requires fewer fuel, maintenance, and transportation resources, making it easier and cheaper to deploy and operate. Compared to heavier MBTs, the AMX-10RC’s wheeled configuration and lighter weight make it easier to transport by air, rail, or road.

This skill comes in handy when the speed of deployment is paramount or while working in conflict zones with scant resources. The AMX-10RCR is better able to withstand small arms fire, artillery fragmentation, and mines due to the increased armor protection it provides.

It has a machine gun and a remote weapon station (RWS), so the crew can fire it without getting too close to the opponent.

The AMX-10RCR’s acceleration, top speed, and general portability have all been enhanced by the vehicle’s new powertrain, which includes a more potent engine and a new transmission. In addition, the vehicle’s sensors have been updated to include a new thermal imaging system, which greatly enhances its night vision.

It also features an improved combat management and communication system, allowing for better situational awareness, coordination with other units, and faster decision-making.