Indian Special forces

Indian special forces work in the most challenging environment to accomplish their missions. They utilize top-rated weapons & Tech  for their superiority in operations. 

Special forces are called special for some reason. They accept challenges that no one wants to dream of. However, forces maintain their secrecy, but some shareable things can be shared for information purposes. 

Today we are going to give details about those top favorite weapons of Indian special forces. This list doesn’t advocate the superiority of one weapon as every weapon is unique in itself.

List of Weapons Used by Indian Special Forces

Chili Grenade

The Chili Grenade is a highly troublesome but non-lethal grenade for hidden terrorists and criminals. It comprises the world’s most spicy chili pepper, “bhut jolokia,” as registered in Guinness Book 2007 records. 

When this grenade is launched, militants are forced to escape from their hidden place as pain caused due to this chili is unbearable. India’s DRDO developed this weapon which has a similar effect as tear gas.

Hand-Held Thermal Imager

Thermal Imager

HHTI is a device built with smart technology that spots hidden people. A hand-held thermal imager creates an image of a person by creating a heat signature around their body. HHTI’s can work even in the darkness of nighttime. 

Earlier available night vision devices required at least moonlight or starlight to function properly. Special forces of India now widely use this equipment with a range up to 1 km.

M-82A5 Sniper Rifle

Indian armed forces have Sniper Rifle M-82A5 in their weaponry. It fires a round of 0.50 caliber, considered to be top rounds in global sniper rifles. This USA Built-in sniper rifle has a weight of 13 kg. Para SF and NSG commandos are currently using these rifles.

PSG-1 Sniper Rifle

NSG Commando with PSG-1 Sniper during Republic Day Parade

manufactured in Germany by H&K, PSG-1 is the world’s most iconic sniper rifle. This rifle has gained much popularity for its precision to the target. PSG-1 rifle, built in 1980, remains one of the most loved weapons by various special forces in the world. 

For long-range shots, it provides one minute of angle accuracy. OCTOPUS, Greyhounds, SWAT, and NSG units of India have used this special weapon for a long time. This Sniper rifle comes in the category of semi-automated weapons.

AK 203

AK 203

As per the Indian armed forces requirement, 7,70000 AK 203 rifle deal has been finalized with the Russian Government. Initially, India will import 100,000 units of AK 203, costing 80000 per piece. Rest is going to be manufactured in India.

With a range of 400 meters, this gun is 100 percent accurate. It’s Much lighter and lethal compre to Insas Rifle. It can fire 600 rounds in one minute. AKs are known to work in adverse conditions, be it in sand, soil, or water.

Very soon Its going to be in the hand of special forces.


AK 103

Armory of the Indian armed forces is full of AK series assault Rifles. They have got a good grip over different variants of this rifle. Ak-103 is a good fit in the list of requirements of Indian Special forces. It is robust, easy to handle, and a finely designed assault rifle.

Variants of Kalashnikovs 

Kalashnikovs are decades-old weapons used in the special forces of India. Various types of these weapons are widely used in Indian SF. Few examples are Ak-47’s Bulgarian variant AR-M1, Germany made KMS-72, also some of the Romanian versions.  

Vz. 58, which looks visually similar to AK-47, features are different. Para commandos used to work with Vz. 58 till the date when it was replaced with the Tavor series rifles.


Indian Army Commando armed with RCL MK3

RCL is defined as a Recoilless weapon. RCL Mk3 is the upgraded 84mm variant of popularly known Carl Gustav Rifles. Indian SF uses this rocket launcher for eliminating hidden militants. The gun is very accurate and comes with different kinds of shells which imposes defects as per the type of the shell.

Micro Uzi

Micro Uzi

The Micro version of the Uzi is a Scaled down variant of the highly popular Israeli Submachine gun. This compact SMG was first introduced in 1986 with a reduced length of 282 mm. Micro Uzi is popularly used in the world’s many special forces and Indian SF in mass counts.

Pika General Purpose Machine Gun 

Para SF with PKM

Pika machine guns are used for various roles like mounting in vehicles, helicopter gunman, and general-purpose uses. India’s special forces use Romanian, Russian, and a few captured pika machine guns from militants in Kashmir. Apart from the para unit, SFFs also used this highly accurate, reliable machine gun.

The special frontier force uses these machine guns in bulk.

IWI Negev

indian special forces

IWI is a lightweight MG developed by an Israeli Weapon manufacturer. Negev is one of the most used Israeli machine guns by Indian SF. It has great accuracy with a top firing rate. 



FN-Scar are little acknowledged guns in the Indian Army made up of Aluminium and polymer. Indian special forces use these guns in good numbers. 

Tavor Family weapons

Tar 21-Tavor
Para SF Combat Divers with Tavor

This is the rifle family developed in Israel. Tavor-21 got massive demand from all branches of Indian special forces. Different variants of TAR-21 fulfill the requirements of special forces. 

Carbine, Marksman, and Grenadier variants were first used by Para commandos. After the success of these rifles, Garud and Marcos adopted these series as well. 


Para SF Commando with M4A1.
Photo: H history

US-built M4A1 is a longtime companion of Special forces in India. It is a lightweight, shoulder-operated weapon that is very popular for its accuracy and power. Apart from armed and special forces, M4A1 is used by various states and central police as a reliable weapon.

Rifles of SIG SG550 Series

NSG Commando with SIG 553

SIG series of weapons are in various variants like the Tavor family. Indian national security guards use these variants in bulk. It yields heavy firepower and accuracy. Variants like Short barrel SG551Sb, SG553SB, and long barrel SG553LB are used by NSG. India’s terror countering forces and SWAT units use these weapons as well. 

Glock-Series of Pistols 


The Glock series of pistols originated in Austria. They provide a top muzzle velocity of 375 m/s. Indian special forces use variants of Glock pistols like Glock 17, 18, and 19. This is a semi-automated lightweight pistol framed in polymer. Garud, Para SF, NSG, and MARCOS use this pistol as their chief support.

SVD Dragunov


This is a gas-operated rifle that was designed in 1950. Its deadly shots and unmatched accuracy puts it in the best position for the choice of Indian special units. Well-skilled snipers make effective kills from 1000 meters using these high-precision rifles. Dragunov has been used in the world’s top battles and has proved its reliability for a long time. MARCOS, Para SF, and SFF utilize this weapon in massive numbers.

Galatz Sniper Rifle

Galatz Sniper Rifle

This sniper rifle belongs to the Galil platform seasoned for better killing at long ranges. Rounds fired by this sniper are accurate and extremely reliable for extending firepower. Indian special forces use it as a designated standard marksman shooter weapon.

Submachine Gun MP-5

Indian Navy Marcos with MP5

This submachine gun has been used by Indian special forces for more than 40 years. NSG commandos and MARCOS team. This SMG has excellent accuracy with maximum damage to the target.

Other sub-machine guns can not match their performance, even being lightweight. Anti-terror units and SWAT units use this machine gun in their missions.

Light Machine Guns of Negev series

Negev LMG
Negev LMG mounted on IAF Garud’s Jeep

Negev lightweight Machine Gun is a unique combat automated weapon from Israel. A higher range of up to 1km, easy handling, and heavy firepower of 700+ RPM makes it the best choice among SFF, MARCOS, and Garud commandos of Indian special forces. Negev LMGs are gas-operated weapons that yield a muzzle velocity of 915 m/s.

This was the list of great weapons used by Indian special forces for their special missions. Regardless of their manufacturing origin, those are the best combat weapons in the world. High accuracy, long-range, heavy firepower, and easy handling are a few of the qualities common in most of them.