An intelligence source has recently disclosed the use of the  Su-57 Felon in Ukrainian space.

Su-57 Aircraft Raids Reported   in Ukraine

Recent reports note that the  Su-57 Felon, Russia’s fifth-generation fighter jet, has suspended long-range operations in the current Ukraine conflict. According to a report by the pro-Ukrainian channel eRadar, closely linked to the Ukrainian military forces and shared on its Telegram account, the presence of the Su-57 has been recorded in the airspace over Luhansk.

The report, released on November 5, does not offer a detailed schedule of the  Su-57 ‘s activities. However, analysts suggest, based on information from eRadar , that this fighter could have played a key role in the recent missile attacks in Ukraine.

Use of Su-57 aircraft in conflict in UkraineSu-57

eRadar reported: “The inference is that the Russian Federation has begun deploying its highly advanced Su-57 fighter jet. “This aircraft is currently deployed in Luhansk airspace,” in one of the updates issued.

Akhtubinsk-7 Air Base and  Su-57 Fleet

There are several air bases in Russia known for housing its fleet of advanced fighter aircraft. Ukrainian intelligence has identified, through satellite images, that the Akhtubinsk-7 air base, located in the Astrakhan region, is home to several cutting-edge Su-57s.

This valuable information became public in mid-August of this year. Analysis of the Su-57 ‘s flight patterns suggests that they could have been used in combat missions or flight tests, according to the interpretations of these sources.

Use of Su-57 aircraft in conflict in UkraineSu-57 with new square nozzles

The Akhtubinsk base of the Russian Aerospace Forces is located near the city of the same name, in the Astrakhan Oblast, and is home to the 929th State Flight Test Center, named in honor of VP Chkalov. Satellite images from 2022 indicate that five  Su-57s  are parked at said base.

The Use of  Su-57  Against Ukraine According to Different Sources

In May 2022, rumors suggested by anonymous sources suggested that  Su-57s  could have been deployed in Ukraine to carry out missile attacks, evading the capabilities of Kyiv’s air defense. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu subsequently commented positively on the performance of the  Su-57, although it is important to recognize that the Russian military narrative has been contradictory during the conflict.

In January 2023, the British Ministry of Defense backed this theory, stating that Russia had “almost certainly” used the  Su-57  in the conflict. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, these allegations have raised concerns about the impact of these advanced fighter aircraft on the ongoing war.

The Use of the  Kh-31P Anti-Radar Missile  in Recent Attacks

Russia wary of deploying Su-57 fighters over Ukraine

A more recent report by Eradar has revealed that the Russian Aerospace Forces have used the  Kh-31P anti-radar missile in their offensives over the Odessa region. This missile, known in NATO terms as the AS-17 Krypton, is a medium-range air-to-surface guided weapon commonly launched from fighter aircraft such as the MiG-29 and SU-27.

In addition to its versatility, the  Kh-31  can be operated from a range of aircraft, including the Su-24, Su-34, Su-35 and MiG-31, and is primarily used to attack radar and other installations radio emissions objectives.