USA Incorporates Revolutionary Operational Laser Weapon

In a significant step toward military modernization, the US Air Force has integrated an innovative high-energy laser weapon into its arsenal.

Successful trial of the new laser system in New Mexico

In conjunction with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Raytheon Technologies has unveiled the successful trial of the first mobile high-energy laser weapon during four days of live-fire practice at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

This mobile laser weapon is the first 10-kilowatt laser system, built to US military standards, designed to be transportable and adaptable to various scenarios based on Air Force needs.

Codenamed “H4,” this is the fourth operational laser device Raytheon Technologies has provided to the Air Force and the eighth it has supplied to the US Department of Defense.

An effective defensive system against aerial threats

The mobile laser weapon, designed to safeguard life and property from close-range airborne hazards, has passed the Air Force’s rigorous testing and evaluation procedures.

The assessment included several days of live-fire drills to locate, direct, track, and neutralize drone targets in close-attack, swarm-attack, and long-range threat situations.

According to Michael Hofle, senior director of High Energy Lasers at Raytheon Technologies, this system offers a viable solution to any drone threat, as the Air Force now has four laser weapons tested and ready to deploy to asymmetric hazards.

Compact and adaptable system for use in combat

This laser weapon system is compact enough to fit in the bed of a pickup truck. It includes a high-energy laser weapon module, a long-range EO/IR sensor that serves as a beam director, thermal control, internal power supply, and targeting software configured for use in the most adverse combat conditions.

The system operates via a laptop computer and video game-style controller, and it can interface with a wide range of existing air defense and command and control systems to provide a required level of defense.

The mobile laser weapon system was built at the world’s first laser weapon factory, located in McKinney, Texas, and delivered to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center just nine months after ordering.