US to sell obsolete M1A2 Abrams to Balkans.

The United States plans to sell obsolete but refurbished Abrams M1A2 tanks in the Balkan region. The sale aims to make room for more modern models, such as the SEPv3, SEPv4, and the Abrams X while retiring old military equipment.

Romania, a potential customer

Romania has expressed interest in acquiring US tanks, specifically the Abrams M1A2 series. It is estimated that the Balkan country could buy at least 54 units of these tanks. However, the process must still be approved by legislators in the US Congress and the Romanian Parliament.

Romanian media reports that the tanks will be second-hand but previously used by the US military. Although the M1A2 version modifies the basic model from the 1990s, Romania plans to subject the tanks to another modernization.

There are no details on what upgrades the Romanians will be looking for, but it should be remembered that the M1A2 features a second-generation thermal gunner’s sight and third-generation depleted uranium armor components.

Depleted uranium armor will it be exported?

The depleted uranium armor used on the M1A2 tanks has a “national security secret” status. The United States has not exported this type of armor to any country, including close allies like Britain. It will be interesting to see if Washington allows its export of Romanian tanks.

America has a lot of tanks to sell

The US Army has more than 8,000 M1A1 and M1A2 tanks in its inventory. The 31 tanks currently being modernized for Ukraine and the 54 tanks proposed for Romania represent only a small part of the available units. Some sources indicate that there are at least another 1,500 M1A2s in stock.

Romania and its history with tanks from the Soviet era

Until now, Romania has mainly operated Soviet-era tanks, such as the TR-85-800 and the TR-85M1 Bizonul. Both models have been modernized to meet NATO standards and form the backbone of the Romanian tank divisions, numbering approximately 300 units. The Romanian army also has the Soviet T-55 tank, of which it is estimated that they have about 120 units.

US to sell obsolete M1A2 Abrams to Balkans.


The United States is looking to sell obsolete but refurbished Abrams M1A2 tanks in the Balkans, with Romania as a potential customer. The Balkan country could acquire at least 54 units of these tanks, although the final approval of the US Congress and the Romanian Parliament is still pending.

The M1A2 tanks offer advanced features such as second-generation thermal sights and depleted uranium armor, but it remains to be seen whether Washington will allow the export of such armor. With thousands of M1A1 and M1A2 tanks in its inventory, the United States has a large stock of armored vehicles to sell for years to come.