US members of Congress split over the supply of ballistic missiles for the HIMARS system in Ukraine.

While some US senators want to send long-range missiles to the Ukrainian military, others want to know about military plans to use them or express concern that this will exhaust the Pentagon. Missile stockpile, the US Daily Beast reported.

The Pentagon has sent to Ukraine 16 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. This system uses GMLRS-guided rockets with a range of about 70km.

Ukraine has repeatedly urged the United States to provide ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles fired from the HIMARS system. Each HIMARS launcher can carry one ATACMS missile with a range of about 300km.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is concerned that the US also does not have many ATACMS ballistic missiles. According to the US newspaper, the Pentagon currently has a stockpile of 1,000 to 3,000 missiles of this type.

Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen said she would like to know Ukraine’s specific plans regarding requesting such long-range missiles.

“We want to know what their strategy is,” Rosen said. “What do they want to do, and what goals do they have so that we can support that plan.”

Last week, Major General Vadym Skibitsky, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, confirmed that Ukrainian and US intelligence officials had “a certain degree of consultation before each firing” of the HIMARS system.

Lieutenant Colonel Garron J. Garn, a US Department of Defense spokesman, said, “Washington is enhancing the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army based on the military plan and specific requirements of Kyiv.”

Lieutenant Colonel Garn said the ammunition the US has provided Ukraine so far “can solve most of the objectives set out.”

Some US senators believe that Washington is being too cautious. “The White House thinks the delivery of ATACMS missiles could escalate tensions, but I don’t think so,” said Republican senator Rob Portman, arguing that the United States should supply Ukraine with these missiles.

Senator Joni Ernst expressed similar views. “We need to ensure that Russia is defeated,” Ernst said.

In addition to the 16 HIMARS systems provided by the US, Ukraine is supported by Britain and Germany with many rocket artillery systems similar to HIMARS, using the same rocket ammunition.