Washington, over the past 20 years, has not focused on monitoring Hamas but has relied on information from Israel, causing Hamas’ raids to cause damage to the two countries, according to US media.

US intelligence has almost stopped tracking Hamas and other Palestinian Muslim organizations since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, to free up resources to hunt for senior members of al-Qaeda, the perpetrators of the attack. Attack, and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS), WSJ, on November 1, quoted unnamed US officials as saying.

According to officials, with the assessment that Hamas has never directly threatened the US, Washington does not make monitoring this force a top priority. They believe that Israel’s vast intelligence network can detect any threat from the Gaza Strip. “This should have been the right bet,” said a senior US counterterrorism official.

Reality did not turn out as expected by the US when Israeli intelligence could not detect Hamas’ coordinated attack plan on October 7, even though this group was believed to have been secretly preparing for the attack for two years. Past, right before Tel Aviv’s eyes.

The raid not only caused great damage to Israel but also seriously affected the United States. More than 30 citizens of this country were killed, and about 10 people are missing after the incident, most likely detained by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Sources from the US government said that the country’s intelligence community, especially the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), still has a team of analysts specializing in monitoring events in the Gaza Strip before the attack on July 7. However, higher-level intelligence activities, such as sending special agents to infiltrate Hamas ranks or eavesdropping on the enemy, are all undertaken by the Israeli side.

“This intelligence failure is mainly Israel’s fault, but we should also share some responsibility,” said Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA intelligence official. “Relying on Israel appears to have had consequences.”

After the Hamas-Israel conflict escalated into war, Washington actively transferred weapons and ammunition to Tel Aviv and sent warships to the Mediterranean to prevent pro-Hamas forces from attacking allies.

A Pentagon official on November 1 revealed that the US had sent special forces to Israel to support efforts to find hostages in the Gaza Strip. It is unclear whether US special forces participated in the operation to rescue female Israeli corporal Ori Megidish on October 30.