Hamas politburo head Ismail Haniyeh meets with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, Iran, on June 21, 2023 (Twitter/Screenshot)

Despite tensions and speculation, the German government has indicated that it has no concrete evidence of Iran’s direct involvement.

According to information collected by the United States, Iran’s leaders were surprised by Hamas’ recent attacks on Israel.

American reaction to the attacks

The United States has obtained data indicating that the Iranian leadership did not anticipate the violent actions of the  Hamas terrorist group against  Israel, as reported by the  New York Times, citing official sources.

The  White House administration initially refrained from commenting on the matter. However, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said there is no evidence directly linking  Iran to the attack.

“We are in constant conversations with Israeli authorities on this matter. “We are evaluating our intelligence reports to obtain more details on the issue,” Sullivan said.

Aftermath of Hamas surprise assault

Hamas, an organization backed by  Iran, carried out an unexpected attack against  Israel last Saturday, killing more than 1,200 Israelis and kidnapping more than 100 people.

After this event, the  Israeli army confirmed that casualties reached 1,200 people, and more than 2,700 were injured after Hamas militants managed to breach the border barrier surrounding Gaza.

In response,  Israel began a series of airstrikes on Gaza. These counterattacks have so far left 1,055 dead and 5,184 injured. According to UN data, nine of the victims were collaborators of the Palestinian Refugee Agency.

Position of the German government on the conflict

Despite tensions and speculation, the  German government has indicated that it has no concrete evidence of  Iran’s direct participation in Hamas  ‘ attacks against  Israel.

In a recent statement, an official German spokesperson stated that they currently have no hard evidence linking Iran to the attacks carried out by Hamas.