US general worried about the risk of 'satellite war'

The US is concerned about China’s space activities, saying that Washington’s satellites could be attacked by assets on the Moon.

“From a military perspective, I want to find out if there are attack methods that we have not considered or need to consider, such as from xGEO and cislunar space,” Brigadier General Anthony Mastalir, commander of the Force US Space Force (USSF) in the Indo-Pacific region, speaking earlier this week, mentioned China’s lunar exploration program.

The term “xGEO” that Mr. Mastalir introduced is the entire space outside the geosynchronous orbit, about 35,000 km from the Earth’s surface, while “cislunar” is the space between the Earth and the Moon.

General Mastalir said his biggest concern is still the risk of conflict on Earth, but said it is necessary to study China’s lunar strategy immediately.

“I’m more concerned about these new orbits, about the presence on the Moon, and what potential means of attack that could lead to in terms of our satellite’s normal operating orbit.” “he said.

The US is deploying thousands of satellites in Earth orbit for civil and military purposes. The country also launched satellites into cislunar space to monitor the threat from ballistic missiles.

US officials have recently repeatedly warned that China plans to conduct military activities in space.

At a congressional hearing in February, General Stephen Whiting, head of the US Space Force Command, said China’s military capabilities in space are developing at an “incredible pace.” , in order to be able to deal with the US and its allies on this front “when Beijing wants”.

China’s Ministry of Defense later criticized Mr. Whiting’s statement, accusing the US of looking for an excuse to “expand its own military power.”

One of the goals of China’s space exploration program is to send astronauts to the Moon by the end of this decade. Some experts believe that this is part of Beijing’s strategy to control the Moon.

In addition to China, the US also believes that Russia is planning a military race in space. The White House said on February 15 that Russia is developing anti-satellite weapons that can be deployed in space, although this is not an immediate threat.