The US Air Force concludes the initial testing of Boeing’s F-15EX Eagle II, highlighting the use of advanced munitions and collaboration with specialized air units.

Deployment and Capabilities of the F-15EX Eagle II

The 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron has confirmed the functionality of the  F-15EX Eagle II  with the most advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions in the Department of Defense inventory. These tests, integrated into the 53rd Wing’s Weapon System Evaluation Program (WSEP), collaborated with the 83rd and 86th Fighter Weapons Squadrons.

During Phase I of Integrated Testing and Evaluation (IT&E), the F-15EX demonstrated its versatility in 19 military exercises. In these, it collaborated with 5th-generation aircraft, achieved the launch of longer-range air-to-air missiles and confirmed the use of the most extensive non-nuclear air-to-ground munition.

Test teams, housed at  Eglin AFB, drawn from the 40th and 85th Test and Evaluation Squadrons, along with the Operational Flight Program Combined Test Force (OFP CTF), have set new standards in terms of evaluations aerial.

Implications and Future Developments

US F-15EX Tests Validate Smart Weapons
The two F-15EX Eagle II aircraft attached to the 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron, 53 Wing, and the 40th Flight Test Squadron, 96 Wing, return from a test mission over the Gulf of Mexico on August 2, 2023. (U.S. Air Force photo by Technical Sgt. John McRell)

This evaluation process marks the conclusion of Phase I of F-15EX IT&E. The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center is analyzing the data collected. The final results will influence large-scale production decisions in the coming months.

“The versatility of the F-15EX, capable of carrying three  JASSMs and a payload of 12  AMRAAMs, highlights its potential in the theater of operations,” said Maj. Calvin Conner, F-15 Division Leader of the 85th TES.

This advancement will influence upcoming aircraft development and testing, including the  B-21 Raider.

Boeing F-15EX Eagle II Technical Specifications

The  F-15EX Eagle II  is a derivative of the renowned McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle. Designed to operate under various weather conditions, it can be flown by a pilot or weapons systems officer in a two-seat configuration.

Powered by two  General Electric F110-GE-129 turbofan engines, this fighter offers impressive thrust in dry and after-burning modes. With armament including the  M61 Vulcan Gatling gun and the ability to carry various missiles and weaponry, the F-15EX is a formidable fighting machine.

Its technical capabilities are complemented by advanced radar systems such as the  Raytheon AN/APG-82(V)1 AESA. Additionally, it can be equipped with targeting pods for greater precision in combat and reconnaissance.

Integration and Advanced Recognition

The  F-15EX can integrate with a variety of air-to-air missiles, including the AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM, and is ready for the AIM-260 JATM. This diversity of ammunition positions it as an essential tool in combat operations.

Equipped with the Raytheon AN/APG-82(V)1 AESA radar system, the F-15EX provides unprecedented target detection and tracking. In addition, its compatibility with the  LANTIRN  or  Sniper pods and the Lockheed Martin Legion Pod enhances its surveillance and targeting capabilities.