Before being delivered to Romania, all aircraft will have to undergo maintenance. Therefore, Defense Materiel has extended the agreement with Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) to maintain the F-16 fighters for sale to Romania. This implies the preparation of a total of 32 F-16 fighters. The agreement also includes technical assistance and support for the training of Romanian technical personnel. The value of the extended contract with KAMS exceeds 700 million crowns (65 million dollars).

“This agreement is important to be able to carry out the sale of F-16 aircraft to Romania. Norwegian F-16s have been among the best maintained in the world. Building on KAMS’s unique national expertise and experience, we hope this deal will help the aircraft serve Romania well for several years,” said Gro Jære, Director of Defense Materiel.

The F-16 fighters will be maintained to be ready for service to Romania. KAMS has 40 years of experience maintaining, repairing and upgrading the Norwegian F-16 fleet.

“This confirms our position as a partner and provider of maintenance services for the Norwegian defense sector and our allies. This agreement secures and further develops Norway’s important national expertise in combat aircraft maintenance, which in turn will be valuable for supporting and maintaining F-35 aircraft in the future,” said Atle Wøllo, CEO of Kongsberg. Aviation Maintenance Services.

In September 2019, the Ministry of Defense ordered Defense Material to lead the disposition of the F-16 system within the current regulations in the most favorable way for the State.

In November 2022, Defense Material signed a contract with Romania for the sale of two squadrons, 32 aircraft, with associated equipment. The sale also includes spare parts and training for technical personnel.

The process for the sale of Norwegian F-16s and equipment related to the aircraft is very extensive, and the sale must be approved by the US and Norwegian authorities. Therefore, there is strict control on who can receive the Norwegian F-16 aircraft.

The sale represents revenues of 388 million euros. The sale contributes to the income of the Norwegian industry, which has been given the task of maintaining and making modifications to the planes before delivery.

The defense team has also signed a contract to sell up to 12 F-16s to the American company Draken International. The planes will be used in training against US fighter jets. This sale has not yet been approved by the Norwegian or US authorities.

Norwegian Ministry of Defense