US and China have a naval standoff near Hong Kong.

In a surprisingly high-stakes confrontation, the US Navy and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army locked in a dangerous battle just 150 kilometers from Hong Kong in early 2021.

This revelation has sparked concern in the international community, as the intensity of the conflict threatens to destabilize further the fragile relations between China and the United States. Here are the details of this unprecedented military encounter.

US Navy and People’s Liberation Army: A Close Confrontation

The report released by a team of Chinese military scientists revealed that US military aircraft carried out unusual operations near the Chinese coast. These planes, dedicated to hunting submarines, came dangerously close to Hong Kong, just 150 kilometers away.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) responded quickly by deploying a classified counterforce, although details about its nature and size remain secret. According to Chinese investigators, these actions seriously threatened China’s national security and jeopardized the critical missions of Chinese wartime submarines.

Geopolitical and strategic implications

The involvement of the United States in the surveillance of the waters near the Dongsha Islands, controlled by Taiwan, has added complexity to the situation in the region. Unlike other disputed areas in the South China Sea, these islands are claimed solely by Taipei and Beijing, making a significant difference.

Chinese researchers note that this confrontation is part of a broader pattern of increased US military activities in the South China Sea. The United States has devoted significant efforts to attacking Chinese submarine forces, using sophisticated detection tools such as sonar buoys and strategically placed sensors.

Countermeasures and Chinese Response

As a response to US efforts, China is developing electronic warfare capabilities to disrupt and make it more difficult for US floating sonar systems to detect submarines. In addition, realistic decoys are being developed to fool these systems and improve the stealth technology of Chinese submarines in collaboration with private companies.

In conclusion, the confrontation between the US Navy and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army near Hong Kong represents a worrying development that evidences the growing rivalry and geopolitical tension between China and the United States.