AGM 88 Anti Radar missile.

The US Department of Defense has revealed that Washington sent anti-radar missiles to Ukraine to target Russian radar systems and improve Ukraine’s military capabilities.

US Undersecretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cale said his country had sent several missiles as part of the recently approved aid package, adding: “We have included anti-radar missiles that can be launched from Ukrainian aircraft. It affects Russian radars and other systems”.

A defense official explained that Washington’s missiles sent to Kyiv are AGM-88, a high-speed anti-radar model known as HARM.

Last month, the United States sent Ukraine a $270 million military aid package, including four new high-precision artillery systems.

 Features hard to match

Military affairs analyst Jacob Janowski said the Harm missile has many superior combat characteristics.

 It can detect different radars and hit them even if they are disengaged immediately after an initial interception and has a maximum range of about 150 km.

This long-range allows the missiles to hit the radars of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems primarily.

The AGM-88 High-Speed ​​​​​​Anti-Radiation Harm is a tactical air-to-surface missile designed to seek out and destroy radar-equipped air defense systems.

The missile, weighing 360 kg at launch, identifies enemy radar signals and follows the beam to the target at a speed of about 2,300 kilometers per hour.

According to Western sources, this missile can also target Russian anti-battery radars, which the Russian military uses to hit Ukrainian artillery.

Regarding the impact of supplying Ukraine with these missiles, Janovsky emphasized that they will benefit the Ukrainian forces to repel Russian attacks in the coming period.