This battery is under the direct command of the 11th Marine Regiment.

Activation at Base Camp Pendleton

The 11th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division introduced the first battery of Tomahawk missiles on 21 July. This battery is under the direct command of the 11th Marine Regiment.

The primary goal of this addition is to improve the division’s long-range strike capabilities and, in the long term, increase maritime denial lethality. The battery will be prepared with launchers specifically designed for the Tomahawk and other support media.

Under the supervision of 11th Marine leaders, this training is expected to develop effective tactics and techniques to implement the system in support of 1st MARDIV and I Marine Expeditionary Force initiatives.

Statements by Marine leaders

Colonel Patrick Eldridge, commander of the 11th Marine Corps, highlighted the importance of this capability in the face of growing threats and the American people’s expectations of the Marine Corps.

Capt. Justin Hillebrand, 1st Battery Commander, praised the Marines for turning an idea into operational functionality, emphasizing that the real work has only just begun. This move is seen as a proactive measure in response to growing global threats, ensuring the Marine Corps is prepared for any challenge.

NMESIS: Emerging Firepower

Aside from the Tomahawks, the NMESIS (Navy and Marine Corps Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System) platform has also proven its power in recent tests.

This platform, designed to launch missiles, offers a significant anti-ship capability to the Marine Fleet and is a crucial element in the 1st MARDIV’s strategy to deny sea access.

With the cooperation of Marine Corps Systems Command, NMESIS conducted a successful attack test against a simulated target off the coast of California.

Advances and continued preparation

These systems are part of the 1st MARDIV’s commitment to maritime denial and strategies such as maritime reconnaissance and the capture of ports and airfields.

Adaptation and ongoing training are vital to maintaining the edge on the modern battlefield, especially with evolving technology and tactics.

Regardless of these advances, the Marines and Sailors of the 1st MARDIV maintain rigorous training, reaffirming their commitment to excellence and readiness in all circumstances.