The first flight of the improved Ka-52M attack helicopter was in August 2020. At this time, a series of tests are being conducted between the two states, and the outcomes will be evaluated jointly. A proposal to adopt the machine will be made.

There are rumors about the Ministry of Defense’s plans, and the project’s technical details remain a mystery, providing context for these developments.

Even though testing of the Ka-52M helicopter is still ongoing, the Ministry of Defense has already placed an order for the craft. 

The department placed several large orders to produce cutting-edge aircraft technologies during the Army-2022 military-technical forum.

On September 2, the TASS news agency revealed interesting information about the ongoing tests received from its sources in the Ministry of Defense. 

After looking at the conditions of the test sites, it was decided that the Ka-52M would be tested in the area of the Special Operation. These helicopters have done actual combat missions during a real war.

The military tests are said to have gone well, and the helicopter showed its best side. At the same time, the client wanted to finish some systems and parts and make them better.

Improvement suggestions have already been shared with the industry and will be put into place shortly.

Russian Ka-52M Helicopter

On September 14, TASS said that the tests would soon be over. A defense industry source who did not want to be named says that joint state tests of the Ka-52M will be over in October. No one knows what will happen next or when it will happen.

The TASS source also said that the industry was ready to make a lot of helicopters.

So, the Progress plant in Arseniev has made sure it has enough capacity. It’s ready to start a series and give the customer the necessary equipment.

TASS says that the latest new slot has been officially confirmed. But the news that has been reported seems likely and doesn’t go against what is known about the Ka-52M.

So, it’s likely that the state tests for this helicopter will be done soon, and the next steps and activities will begin.

 Ka-52M’s New functions

Also, in recent days, strange details have come out about the Ka-52new M’s functions and abilities.

It was clear what steps would be taken to improve the crew’s situational awareness and safety, which would help the overall effectiveness of the battle.

Russian Ka-52M Helicopter

The TASS agency announced the new features of the helicopter for collective usage on September 14. According to a reliable source in the defense industry, the Ka-52updated M’s technology will allow it to communicate with other airborne units during combat.

They may be additional helicopters, aircraft, or unmanned aerial vehicles. Satellite communications and a newly developed ground command post will offer such capabilities.

The source brought up the idea that helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles might be able to work together.

In this case, the drone will remotely monitor the Ka-52M and transmit the necessary information. The crew of the helicopter will be able to keep an eye on things from farther away.

On September 19, a TASS source said what was being done to make the helicopter more likely to survive. So, the Ka-52M project calls for the use of new protection against bullets.

It was possible to achieve the required strength using current materials without causing an unacceptable increase in the structure’s mass. In addition, it became possible to protect previously unshielded components and assemblies.

A better airborne defense system was also added to the Ka-52M. No technical details were given, but it is said that it will be able to protect the helicopter from all of the man-portable air defense systems that are currently in use.

overview image

In recent years, the industry and the Ministry of Defense have regularly discussed the Ka-52M project and revealed certain details about it. The following messages of this type arrived the other day and complimented the existing image.

All of this lets us guess what kind of attack helicopter the military will get soon and how it will differ from what they already have.

As has been widely reported, the airplane’s frame, engine, and some of the other equipment will all be standard. Simultaneously, it is planned to improve specific aspects of the design.

In particular, the crew and necessary units are getting better armor protection. The performance of this type of flying platform will stay the same.

The Ka-52M project aims to enhance the aircraft’s observation and navigational capabilities. A new AFAR-equipped radar station, the replacement of the existing optical-electronic station, the improvement of weapons control equipment, etc., are all in the works.

Plans had been made before to connect the PRNK helicopter to the “Sagittarius” military intelligence, control, and communications complex. This will make it easier and faster to share information with other parts of the armed forces and make it easier to work with them.

As we now know, the helicopter will be able to work with UAVs and other combat units thanks to new communication methods. Depending on what is needed at the time, the Ka-52M can get information about the situation and targets or send it to other helicopters or other users.

It was said that the “Shturm-VU” and “Whirlwind” anti-tank missile systems would stay in place.

The Ka-52M will also be able to work with the 305 guided missile, which is already being used in combat. There will likely be a new Hermes missile with a more extended range when it comes out.

Russian Ka-52M Helicopter

Updated PrNK, communication facilities, and other things make it easier to find targets and make “old” weapons work better. Also, they will make the helicopter fully compatible with missiles or other systems of the next generation so they can use all of their capabilities.

The obvious result

In the past, the Ka-52 attack helicopter passed all the necessary tests, as a result of which it entered service. In the future, serial helicopters repeatedly took part in exercises and then took part in the Syrian operation. Since February, these vehicles have been contributing to the forced demilitarization of Ukraine.

The Ka-52 series repeatedly confirmed the calculated performance characteristics in all operations and demonstrated the required combat capabilities.

 Using all supported weapons, the helicopters hit various targets, evaded enemy attacks, and often saved their crews from multiple threats. In general, the Ka-52 serial fighter showed its best side.

The Ka-52M modernization project aims to maintain the strengths of the existing helicopter while improving several features and gaining new capabilities. Experienced helicopters with similar improvements are already undergoing state tests and are reported to be able to cope with all tests.

This means that the updated Ka-52M will be able to enter service and go into production very shortly. And after that, re-equipping aviation units with new capabilities will only be a matter of time.