In just 24 hours, nearly $10 million was raised to buy loitering munitions, also called kamikaze drones, for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

After coordinated Russian missile attacks on civilian targets in cities across the country, thousands of Ukrainians chipped in to buy a thousand kamikaze drones for Ukrainian troops.

Serhiy Prytula, leading the initiative, says the money will buy three control stations and 50 Ram II drones made by Ukrainian companies.

“We’ve raised $9,600,000! Thank you, kind and kind-hearted Ukrainians! “We will ensure that these funds are used well to help our Armed Forces,” said Prytula.

The Ram II is an unmanned aerial vehicle made in Ukraine. It can carry a 3 kg payload and is made to attack ground targets that are out of sight.

The Military says that the kamikaze drone can go as fast as 70 km/h. Use 10x zoom cameras to look for enemy objects on the ground within 55 minutes and up to 30 km from the launch site.

People say that electronic warfare equipment can “buffer” communication with the operator, but in this case, the drone goes back to base on its own and lands with a parachute.