Training of Ukrainian soldiers on British Challenger 2 main battle tanks continues apace in south-west England after the UK pledged to provide 14 vehicles and related ammunition to support the defense of Ukraine.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace visited the training facility to meet with British instructors and Ukrainian soldiers. In the program, which will last several weeks, experienced Ukrainian soldiers will learn how to drive main battle tanks in combat effectively.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: “It’s hugely inspiring to see Ukrainian soldiers train on British Challenger 2 main battle tanks. Their resilience and determination to succeed in liberating their country send a powerful message to Russia.”

“Ukrainians will continue to fight, and the UK and our allies will not give up. We will continue to provide the necessary capabilities to support Ukraine for as long as it is needed. President Putin’s speech yesterday showed how dangerous Russia has become for our security.”

The UK was the first country to provide Ukraine with modern Western main battle tanks and paved the way for other countries to donate their vehicles.

The international community’s support for Ukraine has been unwavering since Russia’s full-scale invasion a year ago today. The UK has equipped the Ukrainian Armed Forces with several assets to help them defend their territory, including anti-tank weapons, armored vehicles, and anti-aircraft defenses.

This visit comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expanded the UK’s military training offer to Ukraine, including pilots and marines. The training of Ukrainian soldiers, along with the donation of equipment, has been vital to the defense of Ukraine, ensuring that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have the knowledge and capabilities they need to repel Russia’s ruthless and illegal invasion.