Ukraine's latest secret weapon against Russia

In the inhospitable white blanket of Ukraine, a detachment of brave men dressed in winter camouflage is rigorously training to repel the audacious Russian saboteurs. These warriors prepare for a shadow war, where the enemy could emerge behind their defensive lines.

Counterespionage Operations in the Ukrainian War

On the chessboard that is the Ukrainian front, the position of the pieces has remained almost unchanged for more than a year. Kyiv and Moscow have admitted to conducting covert operations to neutralize internal threats. In this theater of war, cunning and strategy are as crucial as brute force.

A squad of twelve brave men jumped out of a Soviet T-64 tank, a relic of the Cold War, deploying their infantry tactics with blank bullets. Your mission: capture a trench, a bastion in this war simulation. Meanwhile, the forces representing the Russian enemy dug in, ready for a fierce counterattack at a strategically located camp near a pine forest in the bitter cold.

The Fight Against Saboteurs on the Ukrainian Borders

Sergiy Nayev, commander of the Joint Forces of Ukraine, informed AFP about the growing threat from sabotage groups from the Russian Federation, especially in the Sumy and Chernigiv regions. These territories, on the border with Russia and its ally Belarus, remain on high alert, even after Kyiv forces repelled invasions in the past.



According to Nayev, in the last week, these groups have witnessed three bold infiltration attempts into Ukrainian territory. Yevgen Sylkin, the military spokesman in Chernigiv, expanded on this information by revealing that they face about ten Russian incursion attempts monthly, carried out by teams of approximately ten individuals—their objective is to dismantle military installations and sow terror among civilians. “We are turning them away,” Sylkin stated decisively.

Anti-Sabotage Training: Preparing Ukraine’s Defenders

The preparation exercises include various tactics, from basic weapons handling to trench assaults, evacuation of wounded and maneuvers with drones. This training is crucial to transforming recruits into warriors capable of handling the surprise and chaos of real combat.

Oleksandr, an instructor who preferred to keep his last name withheld for security reasons, shared his experience training these troops. “Some arrive without knowing the art of assault, prepared only to defend. But in the heat of battle, novices learn quickly. We provide them with basic skills, and over time, they perfect them,” he concluded, highlighting the importance of this preparation for survival and effectiveness on the battlefield.