Ukraine will produce 2,700 drones a day: Concern in Moscow

The announcement of the production of the millionth Ukrainian drone suggests that the year 2024, like the past 2023, will be marked by intense competition in drone warfare.

Ukrainian experts have revealed that in 2024, the country intends to significantly increase its local military production as part of its “economic recovery engine” strategy. This local production is expected to multiply by at least six, according to statements by the Minister of  Strategic Industries, Oleksandr Kamishin, on December 27.

Ukraine’s strategic approach has put its industry in the spotlight, as recent Russian attacks, both in 2023 and those projected for 2024, have targeted not only energy infrastructure but also companies in the energy sector. The defense, as indicated by Russia.



Russia’s concerns about military targets in Ukraine confirmed

Concerns expressed by Moscow about military targets in  Ukraine have received significant support, as intelligence analysis in  London, United Kingdom, has confirmed the situation. According to British sources, the new  Russian targets include military factories, workshops and ammunition depots, among other similar facilities.

British intelligence, transmitted via Platform

The announcement of the production of the millionth Ukrainian drone suggests that the year 2024, like the past 2023, will be marked by intense competition in drone warfare. If  Ukraine manages to meet the promised amount, it could match and even surpass Russia’s drone production at some point.

Currently, the Russian industry produces a staggering total of 1,000 drones a day, and its production is expected to increase to keep in proportion with Ukrainian expansion.

Furthermore, FPV (First Person View) drones are expected to gain attention in 2024 due to their low cost and rapid production. These drones, designed to self-detonate against targets such as enemy armored vehicles, enemy positions or heavy artillery systems, promise to be an important part of the military technology landscape.

Russian change of tactics in airstrikes in Ukraine

In the midst of the statements, there is a reciprocal response from the Russian Federation that adds a new layer of concern to the conflict in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian sources, recent Russian missile attacks show a significant change in tactics.

In the words of a Ukrainian general, the Russian army has fired multiple missiles at the same target, but instead of launching them simultaneously, they do so one after the other. The purpose of this new tactic is to concentrate attack power in areas where  Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses, such as PatriotNASAMS or IRIS-T, could be overwhelmed.

According to Ukrainian reports, this action could be related to concerns that  Ukraine’s air defense batteries do not have enough ammunition to deal with these attacks. However, the  Ukrainian authorities assure that they still have sufficient ammunition.

The newly obtained information is extremely accurate and raises additional concerns. Ukrainian General  Sergei Naev has warned of a serious ammunition shortage in the country’s air defense system. During a visit to troops near Kyiv, Naev informed AFP that the ammunition available for Ukraine’s mobile air defense platforms   should be sufficient to meet “the imminent intense clashes.”

Ukraine’s dependence on the West to improve its arsenal

Ukraine’s medium- and long-term planning highlights the country’s inherent dependence on Western nations as it seeks to rejuvenate its missile arsenals, with a special emphasis on the critical need for more ammunition.

The head of the  United Armed Forces of Ukraine, in charge of mobile air defense units in Kyiv and the north of the country, expressed his eagerness to acquire additional missiles, specifically mentioning the   US defense’s Patriot systems. This need is due to the efforts of Russian forces to test and overcome the  Ukrainian air defense system.

In light of the extensive and overwhelming  Russian assault on  Ukraine earlier this year, Kyiv’s outlook underscores the urgency of stepping up the delivery of air defense systems, combat drones and medium-range missiles by Western nations. Russian pressure continues to increase, and  Ukraine seeks to strengthen its defenses to meet this challenge.