Ukraine warns of the risk of losing the battle
Mr. Yermak spoke in Washington, USA, on December 5. Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine

Ukraine’s adviser said the country faces the risk of failure in a conflict with Russia if the US continues to delay military aid to Kyiv.

“If the aid being debated in the US Congress continues to be delayed, we may stand still in the fighting,” Andriy Yermak, chief of staff of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said at the Institute. American Peace Research during a visit to Washington on December 5.

According to Yermak, without additional US aid, Ukraine will not be able to regain the territory under Russian control and faces “a great risk of failure in the conflict.”

“That is why the Ukraine aid package needs to be voted on by the US Congress as soon as possible,” Mr. Yermak emphasized.

This is one of the most straightforward statements by Ukrainian officials about the importance of Western aid to the conflict in this country. The statement was made in the context that Democrats and Republicans in the US House of Representatives remained deadlocked after weeks of debate over President Joe Biden’s Ukraine aid proposal.

The US President in October asked Congress to pass a $106 billion budget package, including $61 billion in aid to Ukraine, along with expenditures for Israel, US-Mexico border security and Washington’s interests in the US. Indo-Pacific.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives refused to pass this bill, on the grounds that the aid budget for Ukraine needed to be accompanied by a change in US border control policy. House Speaker Mike Johnson also wants more information about Washington’s strategy on Ukraine before approving the bill.

On December 4, the White House warned Congress that the US was “running out of time and money” in providing weapons to Ukraine.

Mr. Yermak said Kyiv was grateful for the large amounts of support from Western countries since the beginning of the war, but Ukraine still needed more weapons, including long-range missiles and air defense systems, to be able to defend itself. This official emphasized that Ukraine has proven that it can make good use of transferred weapons and ammunition.

“Ukraine still has great motivation to continue the war,” President Zelensky’s chief of staff emphasized, adding that Ukraine already has a military and diplomatic “strategy” for next year when the fighting continues.

Ukrainian soldiers exercise in the Chernihiv region on December 5.  Photo: Reuters

Ukrainian soldiers exercise in the Chernihiv region on December 5. Photo: Reuters

Mr. Yermak’s second visit to the US in the past few weeks is to push Washington to pass a new aid package for Kyiv. On December 5, President Zelensky planned to speak online before the US Senate about the situation in Ukraine, but the plan was canceled at the last minute.

With Western weapons support, Ukraine launched a large-scale counterattack campaign in early June but did not achieve the expected results. Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, said in early November that the country’s army had only advanced about 17 km after 5 months of conducting the campaign.

He admitted that the counterattack was reaching a deadlock, the Ukrainian army’s combat capabilities had reached their limit, and there could not be any more “significant or spectacular” breakthroughs on the front line. President Zelensky initially denied the information but last week admitted that Kyiv’s counteroffensive campaign “did not meet expectations,” although he affirmed that the country’s army would not withdraw.