FILE - This undated photo released by the Ukrainian military's Directorate of Strategic Communications shows the wreckage of what Kiev has described as a downed Iranian Shahed drone near Kupiansk, Ukraine. (Ukrainian Army Strategic Communications Directorate via AP, File)

The Ukrainian air force reported the downing of Russian drones in a recent nighttime attack.

Details of the drone attack in Ukraine

Ukrainian air defenses faced a significant challenge the night before. A total of 17 Shahed drones, made in Iran and launched by Russia, were reportedly headed toward Ukrainian territory from the Kursk region.

Of these, 15 were successfully intercepted and destroyed. The areas that saw the most anti-aircraft defense activity include the northern, central and western regions of the country. The Ukrainian air force highlighted the cooperation between the different branches of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in this effort.

Drones have become a standard tool in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which began in February 2022. Both sides have reported regular use of these unmanned vehicles.

Incursions and counteroffensives in the conflict

With the ongoing conflict, both sides have seen an increase in the use of drones in the air and at sea. For its part, Ukraine is pushing a counter-offensive to retake areas under Russian control.

In addition, since Russia annulled an agreement on the safe export of grain, it has increased its attacks on Ukrainian port infrastructure on the Black Sea and the Danube.

In a related update on Friday, Russia claimed to have shot down Ukrainian drones targeting Moscow and its Black Sea Fleet.

Military movements in the Kherson region

Tensions in the Kherson region, formerly occupied by Russia, are on the rise. Ukrainian forces have advanced and established positions on the eastern shore of the region. The news was confirmed by the Russian-appointed governor of the region.

The advance suggests a significant shift in the balance of power in the area and possibly signals a renewed push by Ukrainian forces.

These moves add to the complexities of a conflict that has seen continual shifting front lines and shifting strategies on both sides.

International Support to Ukraine

International support for Ukraine continues to grow. The United States recently told Denmark and the Netherlands that they could provide F-16 fighters to Ukraine once Ukrainian pilots are trained to fly them.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov called this announcement “great news,” signaling Ukraine’s welcome of international military support in its conflict with Russia.