Ukraine seeks F-16 pilots to strengthen its army.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov calls for foreign pilots with experience in F-16 fighters to join Ukrainian forces and help defend them.

Cooperation with Denmark

In a joint press conference with his Danish counterpart, Troels Lund Poulsen, Reznikov highlighted the collaboration of both countries in defense matters. Ceasar artillery systems and Leopard 1 tanks are expected to arrive in Ukraine shortly as a result of agreements with Denmark and Germany.

Poulsen stressed the importance of training Ukrainian specialists in maintaining and repairing these weapons before their arrival in the country.

Reznikov, for his part, added that there are already Ukrainian artillery specialists training in the use of Ceasars and that “tanks with a Danish accent” will soon be heard in Ukraine.

Ukraine seeks F-16 pilots to strengthen its army.

Invitation to foreign specialists

The Ukrainian minister also urged foreign specialists with experience in servicing such equipment, proper permits, and access to the relevant documentation to work in Ukraine to strengthen its defense capabilities. This invitation is not only limited to artillery and tank experts but also includes pilots with skills in flying F-16 fighters.

Open foreign Legion

Ukraine seeks F-16 pilots to strengthen its army.

Reznikov expressed that the Foreign Legion is ready to open its doors to those F-16 pilots who wish to participate in the defense of Ukraine within the framework of this international collaboration.

Arms delivery on the horizon

The Ceasar artillery systems’ delivery is expected to occur next month, while that of the Leopard 1 tanks could start before the summer. Also, possible deliveries of Leopard 2 tanks in the near future will be discussed.


Ukraine’s appeal for Western F-16 pilots and foreign specialists in the weapon’s service is part of an effort to strengthen its defense capacity and collaborate with allied countries such as Denmark and Germany.