Ukraine receives NASAMS, AIM-9 and ATACMS missiles

On October 26, the United States announced a reinforcement of military support to Ukraine, valued at $150 million, providing essential weapons and services directly from its military reserves.

The recent statement from the US Department of Defense highlights a significant package of defensive aid for Ukraine. This effort, facilitated by the Presidential Withdrawal Authority, allows for rapid distribution of weapons and equipment, ensuring that the Ukrainian Defense Forces are prepared for any eventuality.

The aid focuses on the provision of ammunition, an essential element to sustain Ukraine’s defensive capabilities. Particular emphasis is placed on air defense missiles, crucial in the face of the threat of possible aggression by the Russian Federation on energy infrastructure, especially in the colder months.

Within the detail, the inclusion of missiles for the NASAMS anti-aircraft systems, reserves of Stinger missiles, and the notable AIM-9M missile stand out. The latter is presented as a strategic novelty, being part of a new anti-aircraft system specifically adapted for Ukraine, with characteristics possibly similar to those of the British AIM-132 ASRAAM or the MIM-72 Chaparral.

The package is not limited to high-tech items. In addition to missiles for the HIMARS systems, 105 and 155 mm artillery ammunition, TOW and Javelin missiles, and an impressive batch of over 2 million rounds for small arms, there is an emphasis on basic support. “Additional ammunition for HIMARS ” could involve the delivery of GMLRS or even ATACMS missiles, used by Ukraine against Russian strategic targets.

Complementing the help are night vision equipment, demolition resources, materials for low-temperature conditions and spare components. These items, although less flashy, are essential in the theater of operations.

Finally, extended support also covers essential services. From repairs and supplies to logistical support, these aspects, although representing a segment of the total cost, are vital for the prompt recovery and reintegration of damaged equipment to the battlefront, thus strengthening the defensive posture of the Ukrainian Defense.