Ukraine receives more than $66 billion in aid from the US

With a total amount of more than $66 billion, Ukraine became the largest recipient of US aid since World War II.

According to statistics published by the Washington Post after analyzing data from the Pentagon and the US State Department, since the war with Russia broke out in February 2022, Ukraine has received a total of $66.2 billion in aid from the US.

Of that, $43.1 billion in direct military aid, $20.5 billion in economic aid and $2.6 billion in humanitarian aid. Since World War II, it has been the largest US investment in an ally or partner.

In direct military aid, the US has transferred $23.5 billion worth of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine and $18 billion worth of security assistance. In addition, the country subsidies provide worth $1.5 billion to buy Western-made weapons.

Although military aid to Ukraine is relatively small compared to the US $ 1,615 billion defense budget in 2022 and 2023, this is still impressive compared to the country’s financial support to other allies. During this period, the US transferred $8.6 billion to Israel, $3.3 billion to Egypt and $2.9 billion to Jordan.

“These are very large numbers,” said Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow at the US-based Brookings Institution, and compared the total US aid to Ukraine with the Marshall Plan of the United States plan. 

The Marshall Plan was an initiative to provide aid to Western Europe after World War II for three years, worth about $150 billion at current prices.

The US currently gives the most aid to Ukraine in general and the military in particular. The European Union ( EU ) ranked second with a total aid of 35.9 billion USD, followed by the UK and Germany with 11.7 and 11.6 billion USD, respectively. Regarding military aid, Germany ranks second after the US, followed by the UK and EU.

As a share of GDP, the countries that provide the largest financial support to Ukraine are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at 1.26%, 1.09% and 0.95%. The US ranks 12th on this list, with support accounting for 0.33% of GDP.

Expert O’Hanlon said that with the amount of support accounting for such a small part of GDP, the US can continue to aid “indefinitely” Ukraine. , but this could be hindered by political factors. in the country, especially as the US prepares for the presidential election.

Russia has repeatedly stated that weapons worth tens of billions of dollars that the West provides to Ukraine do not change the war situation. The Kremlin has argued that the West’s move to supply weapons “only causes more suffering for the Ukrainian people”, while Kyiv insists these weapons are necessary to repel Russia.