Ukraine is about to receive missiles with a range of 500 km

Ukrainian officials said Kiev will be delivered missiles with a maximum range of 500 km, most likely weapons mounted on F-16 fighters.

“In the upcoming aid packages, Ukraine will receive F-16 fighters and missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300-500 km. They will help the Ukrainian army achieve more success on the ground.” battlefield,” Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev, Commander of the Joint Command, the senior staff agency in the Ukrainian army, revealed.

He did not detail the name of the long-range missile Ukraine was about to receive, but Thomas Newdick, a military expert at War Zone, commented that this would be a weapon that could be equipped to F-16 fighters, like the JASSM line of America.

The original AGM-158A JASSM version can hit targets at a distance of 530 km, while the increased range variant AGM-158B has a range of more than 900 km and is applied with many stealth technologies, making it difficult to target. detect and intercept more.

Another candidate is the SLAM-ER cruise missile with a range of more than 270 km, because this type of ammunition is less technologically sensitive than the JASSM series and is widely stored by the US military. SLAM-ER missiles can be fired in “fire and forget” mode or have their flight path adjusted by the pilot after launch thanks to a two-way data connection, helping to increase the accuracy of the attack.

Regardless of the missile, this will be an important addition to the Ukrainian army, because the country’s air force currently owns only one type of long-range air-to-ground missile, the Shadow Storm/SCALP-EG series, currently in use. Equipped with Su-24M attack.

Shadow Storm/SCALP-EG has been used by Kiev many times to attack important Russian targets in the Crimean peninsula, most recently the attack last December that destroyed Moscow’s large landing ship Novocherkassk. .

Also in the speech, Lieutenant General Nayev said that Ukraine has recently been supplemented with many types of modern weapons, from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to new air defense systems. He emphasized that “currently no country possesses a diverse arsenal like Kiev”.

This official also revealed that the biggest threat to Ukraine today is coordinated attacks by Russia’s long-range missiles and UAVs. “Moscow’s raids were launched from areas deep within its territory, making it impossible for us to intercept most of the flight,” Mr. Nayev said.

Ukraine recently announced that the interception rate of Russian UAVs and missiles was much lower than last year’s air strikes. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on January 23 that Western allies do not provide enough air defense and missile systems to the country to cope with Russian air strikes.