Ukraine announced it had sunk a $65 million Russian warship

Ukrainian intelligence announced that it coordinated with the country’s navy to sink the Russian warship Sergey Kotov worth $65 million.

“Special unit Group 13 of Ukrainian military intelligence attacked a Russian patrol ship in a coordinated operation with the navy,” the General Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR) announced on March 5. “The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine supports this campaign.”

GUR said they used an unmanned suicide boat (USV) Magura V5 to attack the Sergey Kotov ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet operating near the Kerch Strait, located between Russia’s Krasnodar region and the Crimean peninsula.

“After the attack of the Magura V5 boat, the Project 22160 ship Sergey Kotov was damaged in the stern and both sides,” GUR said. “The enemy warship has sunk. This ship costs about 65 million USD.”

On the same day, a number of military Telegram channels and Russian media reported that the Ukrainian armed forces carried out a large-scale raid effort on the Crimean peninsula, using drones to target targets on the ground. and suicide boats attacked warships of the Black Sea Fleet.

RusVesna website said about a dozen suicide boats crashed into the patrol ship Sergey Kotov, making it difficult for this warship to avoid. “The crew was evacuated from the ship, some were injured,” RusVesna said.

Some Russian news sites said the Crimea bridge was also among the targets attacked. According to Russia’s Rybar Telegram channel, the bridge was “fine” after the attack.

Rybar Channel identified the Crimean peninsula and the Black Sea Fleet “as Ukraine’s top target for attacks when their reputation was seriously damaged because the stronghold of Avdeevka fell and the landing campaign on Tendrovskaya island was repelled .”

Ukraine has repeatedly used missiles, UAVs and suicide boats to attack targets in and around Crimea, the peninsula that Russia annexed in 2014. The Ukrainian Navy announced that it had disabled 40 warships and ships of the Sea Fleet. Russia’s black force, equivalent to half of its fleet, since the conflict between the two countries broke out.

Ukrainian forces also repeatedly attacked the Crimean bridge, also known as the Kerch bridge, connecting the peninsula and the rest of Russia. Ukraine wants to destroy the structure because the bridge has strategic military value and carries many political and symbolic meanings.

The warship Sergey Kotov belongs to the Project 22160 class of large patrol ships, specializing in patrol, surveillance and protection tasks in sea areas. The ship has a displacement of 1,300-1,700 tons, is 94 m long, and can reach a maximum speed of 56 km/h with a range of about 9,500 km.

The ship is equipped with an AK-176MA 76.2 mm dual-purpose automatic gun, two 14.5 mm guns, and a DP-64 double-barreled anti-commando grenade launcher. The warship can be equipped with Tor-M2KM air defense missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles, 3M47 Gibka air defense complexes or 324 mm Paket torpedoes.