Type-81 Multiple Rocket launcher System

China, which now has one of the world’s most powerful armies, has long prioritized developing its artillery, which includes a variety of rocket launchers. Type-81 multiple rocket launchers, often called PHL-81s, are the most common.

Roughly 550 Type-81 and Type-90 systems, including about 375 Type-89 complexes, a tracked chassis variation, have been formally deployed by the Chinese military since 1989.

The OQ-261 Honyuan 6×6 truck chassis is the foundation of the Type-81, often compared to the renowned Soviet BM-21 Grad. Chinese self-propelled 122 mm rocket launchers started with the Type 81.

The People’s Liberation Army Ground Force combined arms brigade relies heavily on this system. Different upgrades were made to the Type 81 over the years to increase its battle efficiency.

There are forty 122 mm missile launchers on Type 81. The BM-21 Grad’s rockets are essentially just conventional HE-FRAGs. It has a length of 2.87 m and a weight of 66.8 kg. This weapon has a maximum firing range of 20 kilometers.

NORINCO has designed multiple specialized warheads for this multiple-launch rocket system. The list includes:

  • Mine-laying warheads.
  • Cluster bombs with anti-tank or anti-personnel submunitions.
  • High-explosive incendiary bombs.

It’s possible to fire rockets either from the vehicle’s control center or the driver’s cabin. This rocket artillery system requires a manual reload. It takes about 8 minutes to reload. A support truck follows the rocket launcher and carries additional fuel.

The Type-90 is essentially an improved version of the earlier Type-81 multiple rocket launchers. The new setup is constructed around a cutting-edge off-road vehicle that greatly increases the complex’s usable square footage and can quickly reload 40 shells. Once the rocket complex has been fired, reloading it with the current loading technique takes only three minutes, allowing for a staggeringly high rate of fire.

The Type-89 is a tracked armored vehicle variant of the Type-81 multiple rocket launchers that sees extensive service in the Chinese military. The People’s Liberation Army officially started using it in 1989.

Type 89 is a variant of Type 83 self-propelled gun that features a new type of box launcher capable of firing 40 rounds at once. In 20 seconds, you might perhaps launch the missiles. Backward-mounted launcher and forward-mounted resupply pack.