Türkiye conducts air strikes on Iraq and Syria

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced its military airstrikes on nearly 30 targets overnight in northern Iraq and Syria.

“The Turkish Air Force destroyed 29 enemy targets in northern Iraq and Syria. The aircraft returned to base safely after the operation,” the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced on January 12.

On the same day, this agency released a video showing fighters departing from the base and fires burning at the location hit by the air strike. The airstrike took place after 9 Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack on their base near the city of Metina, northern Iraq.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the country’s air force attacked “caves, bunkers and petroleum depots” of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a civilian force. Kurdish troops in Syria are part of the US-led coalition against the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS).

The PKK has carried out many bloody attacks in Turkey in recent decades. This group is listed as a terrorist group by Türkiye and Western countries.

Raids targeting the Turkish military recently escalated, forcing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to hold an emergency meeting on January 13 to discuss the issue. Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced that the country’s security launched a nationwide raid and arrested 113 people suspected of having links to the PKK.

Türkiye repeatedly airstrikes targets in Iraq and Syria in its campaign against PKK forces there. The Turkish Air Force, at the end of December 2023, attacked and destroyed 29 PKK targets in northern Syria and Iraq after 12 of its soldiers were killed in clashes with the group.