Turkish Bayraktar drones in Pakistan raise concern Pakistan’s acquisition of Bayraktar Akinci combat drones has raised concerns in the Indian intelligence system due to the tense relationship between the two countries and Pakistan’s difficult economic situation.

Pakistan and the acquisition of Bayraktar drones

Pakistan has purchased the first batch of Bayraktar Akinci combat drones from Turkey, despite facing a severe economic crisis. The former official of the Indian intelligence agency, NK Sood, points out that this purchase is aimed at maintaining the Pakistani claim on the Indian region of Jammu-Kashmir.

This acquisition comes as Pakistan requests loans from the IMF to stabilize its economy. There has not yet been an official announcement by Turkey or Pakistan on the exact number of drones received.

The patch created for the pilots of these drones shows the Jammu and Kashmir region as Pakistani territory, raising tensions between India and Pakistan.

Bayraktar Akinci drone features

The Bayraktar Akinci is a high-altitude, long-endurance drone that can be armed. It was designed and developed by the Turkish company Baykar and entered production in 2021.

The drone can carry various payloads and can perform operations similar to fighter jets. It is equipped with dual artificial intelligence avionics, electronic support systems, and air-to-air radar, among other features.

Akinci can carry a maximum weight of 6,000 kilograms and fly at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Countries like Azerbaijan and Ukraine already operate Bayraktar TB2 tactical drones.

Turkish Bayraktar drones in Pakistan raise concern in India

Pakistan’s difficult economic situation

The purchase of Turkish drones occurs during an economic crisis in Pakistan, with shortages of essential products and intense inflation. The country was recently removed from the FATF gray list but cannot obtain loans from international financing organizations.

The population faces long lines to buy everyday products, and stampedes and deaths have been reported during flour distribution. In addition, Pakistan has had to ask for help from China to supply basic products.

Implications of the acquisition of drones in the region

The purchase of these Turkish drones by Pakistan could have consequences for the tense relationship with India. Despite the fact that India has not invaded or attacked Pakistan, the acquisition of drones could increase tensions and the possibility of conflict in the region.


Pakistan’s acquisition of Bayraktar Akinci combat drones has raised concerns in India due to tensions between the two countries and Pakistan’s economic situation.

Using these drones could intensify rivalries and instability in the region, while the investment in military technology comes at a time when the country faces serious economic and social problems.