Russian S400
Russian S400

Russian Federal Military-Technical Cooperation Service Director Dmitri Shugayev announced that Turkey had signed a contract to supply the second-party S-400 air defense system.

Speaking to TASS, Shugayev stated that the contract signed with Turkey also includes the domestic production of some of Turkey’s S-400 air defense system components.

Shugayev stated that the contract is now practically implemented.

“The difficult political situation that has developed this year has adversely affected some aspects of the relations of the Russian side with partners,” Dmitri Shugayev, in response to a question about the reasons for the postponement of negotiations on the supply of the second batch of S-400 air defense system, said.

“Still, military-technical cooperation with Turkey is developing in line with the agreements reached between the presidents of the two countries. We plan to continue working with Turkish partners on a transparent and mutually beneficial basis,” Shugayev said.

Shugayev also stated that the S-400 air defense system is a “unique system” and added that no state has “produced a similar system” so far.


The Presidency of Defense Industries (S.S.B.) reported that Russia has no new development in the S-400 air defense system procurement process.

In the statement made regarding the S-400 procurement process from the official sources of the Presidency, the expression ” There is no new development. According to the agreement made on the first day, the process continues.”


Turkey signed a contract to procure four S-400 air defense systems worth $2.5 billion from Russia in 2017. Turkey became the first NATO country to purchase the S-400 system.

The U.S.A. asked Turkey to dispose of the S-400 system and not to use it. However, Turkey announced that the system would be used actively. After that, the U.S. removed Turkey from the F-35 fighter jet program and imposed sanctions under C.A.A.T.S.A.