Rafale Aircraft

The modern era has initiated lots of technology use in defense weapons. Nations in international conflicts are preferring combat zone aircraft as the most powerful weapon these days. 

Latest technology air vehicles are a striking force in combat zones, and they are considered as deadliest. As it is evident more quality comes with more cost, so is true in the case of fighter aircraft. 

Today, we will deep dive into the top 10 costliest military aircraft in the world suggested by military experts.

1) F-22 Raptor


F-22 Raptor manufactured by Lockheed Martin is a dual-engine tactical aircraft that can combat any weather. It has a top speed of 2414 km/h and a range of 2960 km. 

This air fighter is an advanced 5th generation vehicle that can perform with superiority in air to air and air to ground missiles operation. 

This aircraft is used in various missions like attack, surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance missions. A single unit of F-22 Raptor comes with a whopping cost of 250 million dollars.

2) Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II


It is a single-engine and single-seater aircraft with the capability to deal with multiple role missions. It can perform surveillance missions, take part in intelligence missions, and many more. 

Lockheed Martin developed this aircraft to showcase air superiority. The F-35 made its debut flight in 2006. This aircraft is under the service of many NATO and US ally members.

American defense service and its allies invested approx 180 million USD on this aircraft. The F-35 Lightning 2 is on the list of most influential combat vehicles in the defense system of the whole world.

3) Eurofighter Typhoon


Eurofighter is European combat aircraft manufactured by a consortium of Airbus, DASA, BAE systems, and other manufacturers in Europe. 

It is built under Europe’s largest military collaboration agency NETMA. It is a multi-role dual-engine flying fighter vehicle currently deployed in multiple European armies of NATO.

The Eurofighter Typhoon made its first war debut in 2011. It was used in Mission Libya by the Italian and Royal air force. This aircraft is a combo of DASS(defensive aids subsystem) and dangerous weapons. This aircraft comes with a development expense of 175 million USD.

4) Su-57


Su-57 is a combat aircraft manufactured by United Aircraft Corporation(UAC). This 5th generation high-efficiency flying vehicle is considered the most advanced Russian attack aircraft. 

This combat aircraft is associated with multiple war zone benefits. It has a single seat, and its dual engine provides the ability to gain top-notch speed in combat. It has former names as PAK FA and T-50. Sukhoi-57 can carry short-range missiles like X-31/35/38/58/59. It can also transport guided/unguided fire weapons and heavyweight bombs up to 1500kg. 

It can do an observation of space for a longer range. Russian Navy and Air force include this fighter to prove themselves superior in air. Sukhoi-57 can work as a strong defense in the air as well as the ground.

Sukhoi-57 is a fifth-generation multipurpose fighter. It is the most advanced Russian combat-winged vehicle. The cost of buying or developing one such aircraft is about $ 150 million. 

The maiden flight of Sukhoi-57 was tested in 2010 in replacement of Su-27. Russian military invested 150 million USD in developing one unit of the Su-27.

5) F-15E Strike Eagle


This fighter aircraft originated in America. It is a superior modern generation aircraft. F-15E can be used as an interceptor, attack aircraft, light bomber, or fighter. This aircraft was developed as a derived unit of F-15 D and A.

This strike eagle is considered to be the backbone of American air forces. Ultra unique avionics framework of F-15E provides ease of ability to fire missiles in the air to ground or air to air combat. 

This crazy aircraft from the US military possesses the ability to function in all weather and any time of the day. The US has invested 136 million dollars in getting it manufactured for all time, any condition.

With a powerful engine of Pratt and Whitney, it can achieve a maximum speed of 3017 km/h. Even sound can’t touch its speed. It is efficient to carry a heavy payload of more than 20000 lbs.

The F-15E had been deployed in various important missions by the US air force like Deny flight operation, Odyssey dawn mission, Mission enduring freedom, and many more. With 

6) Dassault Rafale


French company Dassault aviation manufactured this aircraft to work as omnirole fighter aircraft. It has a twin-engine with the capability of the airstrike, nuclear preservation tasks, and recon services.

This fighter aircraft is built with the latest generation technologies of aviation and a super smart sensing framework. Enduring Freedom was the first operation when Rafael was deployed in a combat role in 2002. 

After this Mission, Rafale was used in many operations like Operation Serval and Afghanistan. Rafale comes in various variants with different seating specifications. The twin-seat variant is Rafale B. Rafale M is single seat but carrier oriented, Rafale C is single seating aircraft. 

Rafale can easily carry ground attack ammunition, laser-guided attack bombs, air to air and surface fighter missiles, anti-ship and nuclear missiles. French engineers developed the Rafale using modern technologies and top-notch features. The cost of this fourth-generation aircraft is 124 million USD. 

7) Su-35


It is an ultra-modified version of Russian combat aircraft Sukhoi-27 with a fifth-generation technology rated “4++“. All the aircrafts made in the 4rth generation are inferior to this latest innovation.  

It has a long-range of 3600 km and a top speed of 2778 km/h. Sukhoi Su-35 fighter costs around 104 million USD. Its prototype was first manufactured in 2007, and it was deployed for its first test flight in 2008.

This aircraft is efficient in launching various range air to air missiles. It doesn’t need monitoring for air to ground bombs, rockets, or missiles. It is capable of carrying a top weapon payload of 8 tons.

8) Boeing F/A -18 E / F Super Hornet

Super Hornet

These fighter aircraft are improved versions of earlier fighter aircrafts F/A 18C/D. Currently, the super hornet is providing its combat-proven striking services in the Australian Air force since 2010 and US Navy since 1999 after replacing the F-14 Tomcat.

This aircraft has proven its worth in multiple instances, such as the war of Afghanistan, Iraqi freedom operation, southern watch operation, and many more. It has a long range of 3330 km with a top speed of 1915 km/h.

F/A 18E/F can carry ordnance for air to air fight or air to surface fight. It is built-in with eleven weapon carrying stations which can also be utilized to carry smart tech ammunition and laser-guided bombs.

This air vehicle provides all-around support to commanders in combat and additional troops on the ground. This is created with a focus on carrying maximum combat weaponry. F/A 18E/F costs around 80 million USD.

9) Sukhoi-30 MKI

It is a modern multi-role air fighter developed by Russian company Sukhoi for the Indian Air force under license by HAL. This fighter aircraft costs more than 63 million dollars. It has a long-range of 3000 km with a top speed of 2120km/h.

Sukhoi-30 can transport ground to air or air to air-con bat missiles when required. It has the capability of carrying cruise supersonic missiles and Brahmos as well. 

This aircraft also carries a 30mm gun with various types of firepower and bombs. Sukhoi-30 is a combination of multinational components. More than ten manufacturers from six countries supplied various components for Sukhoi-30. 

The debut year for Sukhoi-30 was 2002 in Indian Air Force which was developed by a Russian company. The First India-made aircraft was involved in the service of IAF in 2004.  

10) The Mikoyan MiG-35


Mikoyan is a modern-age interceptor that is observed as a joining link between fourth and fifth-generation air combat vehicles. It is the successor of the powerful MiG-29 with a blend of new specifications and improvements. 

This interceptor comes with a whopping price of 55 million USD. MiG-35 is a multiple role combat air fighter designed by UAC, considered to be a very powerful air warrior.


So in this article, we discussed the world’s most prominent and costliest fighter aircraft in detail. We hope it was a great experience to go through their specifications, participate in missions, and of course, the massive cost.