Pistols are the most important weapons in modern weaponry. There are numerous types of pistols available worldwide in which we have selected the top 10. here is the list.

1. Glock 17 

glock 17

The Glock 17 was created for the Austrian military. In 1980, the Austrian Army intended to replace the outdated Walther P38 handgun with a more advanced weapon.

The Army experimented with several handguns. The Glock 17, which passed all tests, became the replacement sidearm for the Austrian Army.

It was then distributed over the globe. It has become a popular handgun among military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. It is utilized by military and police agencies in more than 50 countries.

The Glock 17 is composed primarily of polymer with a stainless steel finish. According to reports, the Glock pistol’s barrel can shoot 360,000 rounds. It is especially remarkable given that other weapons can fire around 40,000 times.

The Glock 17 weighs 710 grams. It is 204 millimeters in length. The length of the cannon’s barrel is 114 mm. The projectile’s exit velocity is 360 meters per second. Standard 9mm ammunition is used. The magazine holds seventeen rounds. It has an effective range of up to 50 meters.

2. Sig Sauer P320 

Sig Sauer P320

Forged by Sig Sauer in 2014, the P320 is a semiautomatic pistol with a modular design and several barrels. The P320 is easily compatible with any tactical attachment.

Norwegian, Danish, and Thai armed forces also employ it, in addition to the U.S. Army. Its adoption in other countries will increase over time. The P320 comes in at 833g.

Its length is precisely 203 mm. The length of the barrel is 119 millimeters. The projectile’s speed when it leaves the launcher is 360 meters per second.

It fires standard 9 mm ammo. Each round can be fired from the magazine’s capacity of 17. It can be used effectively up to a distance of 50 meters.

3. Beretta 92

beretta 92fs

The Beretta 92 is one of the most popular pistols in the world. Its manufacturing began in 1975. Armed forces use it from over 40 countries around the globe.

Throughout the years, Baretta has refined and released various variants of this handgun. With a length of 217 mm, the Beretta 92 weighs 950 grams, and the barrel’s length is 125 mm.

The bullet’s exit velocity is 390 meters per second. With an effective range of up to 50 meters, its magazine’s capacity is 15 rounds of standard 9mm ammo. 

4. Sig Sauer P226

TOP 10 pistols

Sig Sauer’s P226 follows the popularity of the P220 and is also a semiautomatic pistol. The United States Department of Defense has researched and tested various pistols for possible use in arming military personnel.

 The P226, which is used by the armed forces of more than 30 countries around the world, was ultimately defeated by the Beretta 92FS round of testing.

As of now, the P226 is still made in both Germany and the United States. The total 870-gram mass of P226. The length of this item is precisely 196 mm. This Gun has a barrel that measures 112 mm in length.

Its bullet travels 350 meters per second. It uses 9mm ammunition. 15-bullet magazine. It works at 50 meters.

5. CZ-75


Made in former Czechoslovakia, the CZ-75 is a firearm. It’s manufactured for export purposes only.    The CZ-75 is admired by all units everywhere.

Army and police special operations units use it. Over a million CZ-75s have been produced so far. The CZ-75 is an attractive, functional, and user-friendly handgun. It is widely considered to be among the finest pistols available today. The CZ-75 firearm weighs in at a hefty 1 kilogram.

Its overall length is 206 millimeters. The cannon has a barrel that is 120 mm in length. The projectile’s speed when it leaves the launcher is 360 meters per second. Compatible with standard 9mm cartridges. This magazine can hold up to 16 bullets. It can be used effectively up to a distance of 50 meters.

6. S&W Military & Police

The Military & Police handgun from Smith & Wesson is a semiautomatic pistol. As the name suggests, it is developed for military and law enforcement units. However, it is also accessible to civilians.

The barrel measures 108 millimeters in length. 370 meters per second is the bullet’s speed. It uses standard 9 mm ammo. Seventeen shots can fit in the magazine. It’s a 50-meter maximum effective range.


hk usp

The Heckler & Koch USP is a German-made semiautomatic weapon. It was developed in 1989 for the military, law enforcement, and civilians. Heckler & Koch offers a lifetime warranty on the USP. It is protected against corrosion and erosion by a polish with a unique formulation.

Even when submerged in saltwater for an extended period, it is unharmed. The HK USP is 720 grams in weight. It is 194 millimeters in length. 

The barrel’s length is 108 millimeters, and the bullet’s speed is 350 meters per second. The Gun uses standard 9 mm ammo, and The magazine holds fifteen shots. It has an effective range of up to 50 meters.

8. Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta PX4 Storm

The Beretta PX4 Storm is an Italian-made semiautomatic handgun. It is the newest semiautomatic pistol in Beretta’s portfolio. Since 2004, it’s been produced. It features a sturdy and durable structure. It is utilized by the Special Forces, gendarmerie, and police forces of numerous nations.

Even though it was manufactured in 2004, at least 33 nations have added it to their stockpiles. The PX4 Storm is 780 grams in weight and 192 mm in length. 

The barrel’s length is 102 millimeters, and the bullet’s exit velocity is 360 meters per second. It uses standard 9 mm ammo. The magazine holds seventeen rounds with an effective range of up to 50 meters.

9. Walther P99

Walther P99

The Walther P99 is a semiautomatic handgun made in Germany. It was established in 1996 by the Walther company.

Numerous military organizations throughout the world have chosen it due to its resilience. The majority of law enforcement officials approve. Four hundred thirty thousand units have been made to date.

The Walther P99 is 720 g in weight. It is 180 millimeters in length. The length of the cannon’s barrel is 102 mm. Its width is 29 mm, and its height is 135 mm. 

The Gun utilizes standard 9 mm ammo, and The magazine can contain sixteen shots. It has an effective range of up to 50 meters.

10. FN Five-Seven

FN Five-Seven

In 2000, the Belgian FN company made the FN Five-Seven by following NATO rules. It is used with a 5.7 mm bullet, smaller than a regular bullet. It also holds more bullets than most other guns, even though 9mm rounds don’t do as much damage.

It’s one of the strongest handguns you can use in a city. It is used by many military, police, and Special Forces groups worldwide, including the United States.

The weight of the FN Five-Seven is 618 grams. The total length is 208 mm, and the barrel length is 122 mm. Its magazine holds 20 rounds, and the bullet’s speed is 650 per second with an effective range of 100 meters.