Special Forces, renowned for their exceptional skills and specialized capabilities, are elite military groups dedicated to handling specific security issues. Selected from all three military branches, these personnel undergo rigorous training and are entrusted with critical missions. While the origins of special forces can be traced back to World War II, many of these units were disbanded after the war. 

However, almost every country boasts at least one special force within its Armed Forces today. In this article, we will explore the top 10 special forces in the world, highlighting their unique strengths and contributions to global security.

So, Here is the list of The World’s Top 10 Special Forces.

10. Grupo de Intervento Special (GIS) 

The World's Top 10 Special Forces

Italy’s Elite Special Forces, The Grupo de Intervento Special, or GIS, holds the 10th position on our list. Esteemed for its efficiency, exceptional preparation, and proven track record, GIS has operated in various theaters of war, including the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Horn of Africa. Known for its expertise in hostage rescue operations and the secure takeover of critical targets, GIS is a force to be reckoned with.

9. Alpha Group

Alpha Group 

Russia’s Premier Special Forces Alpha Group, also referred to as “Spetsgruppa A,” is a specialized subunit within Russia’s Special Forces, operating under the Federal Security Service. While little is publicly known about the unit’s operations, it is believed to work directly under Russia’s highest political leadership. Alpha Group excels in espionage, counter-terrorism, and versatile command operations, making it a formidable force both at home and abroad.

8. The Special Air Service (SAS)


Britain’s Elite Warriors Famous worldwide, the Special Air Service, or SAS, has a rich history dating back to World War II. SAS soldiers are renowned for their skills in covert surveillance, close combat warfare, and hostage rescue operations. The SAS has played a significant role in numerous British military engagements, specializing in counter-terrorism, direct action, and clandestine reconnaissance.

7. The Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2)

The World's Top 10 Special Forces 

Canada’s Elite Special Operations Established to safeguard Canadian national interests and combat terrorism, the Joint Task Force 2, or JTF2, comprises highly trained and accurate Special Operations personnel. While the exact size of the unit remains undisclosed, it is estimated to consist of 250 operators. JTF2 has garnered international recognition as a Tier 1 Special Operations force through its collaborations with renowned units like Delta Force, SEAL Team Six, and the British Special Air Service.

6. Special Service Group (SSG)

The World's Top 10 Special Forces

Pakistan’s Special Forces Excellence Known as the “Maroon Berets” due to their distinctive headgear, the Special Service Group (SSG) of the Pakistan Army is a force to be reckoned with. With a focus on diverse operations ranging from counter-terrorism and reconnaissance to search and rescue, the SSG carries out critical missions such as psychological operations, peacekeeping, and hostage rescue. Comprising at least two battalions, each with a strength of 700 Commandos, the SSG exemplifies Pakistan’s commitment to specialized warfare.

5. National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN)


France’s Elite Counter-Terrorism Force Formed after witnessing the 1972 Munich hostage crisis, the Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN) specializes in counter-terrorism. Composed of extensively trained operators, the GIGN excels in various disciplines, including diving, sniper operations, reconnaissance, and hostage rescue. Collaborating closely with RAID, another French combat force, as well as components of the National Police, the GIGN has successfully conducted over 1,800 missions, liberating more than 600 hostages.

4. Sayeret Matkal


Israel’s Elite Intelligence Gathering Unit Sayeret Matkal, Israel’s renowned intelligence gathering organization, undertakes deep reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines to acquire strategic intelligence. Primarily focused on counter-terrorism and hostage rescue beyond Israel’s borders, Sayeret Matkal plays a crucial role during wartime and other critical operations. Despite being a covert and discreet unit, Sayeret Matkal has produced many of Israel’s prominent political and military leaders.

3. Marine Commandos (MARCOS)

The World's Top 10 Special Forces



India’s Elite Naval Special Forces Established by the Indian Navy in 1987, the Marine Commandos, also known as MARCOS, are known for their prowess in direct attacks, reconnaissance, and recovery operations. Primarily specializing in marine warfare, MARCOS can seamlessly transition between land, sea, and air operations. Operating in complete secrecy, MARCOS exemplifies professionalism and regularly conducts maritime operations, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Navy SEALs

The World's Top 10 Special Forces

The United States Elite Special Operations Force The Navy SEALs, the primary Special Operations force of the United States Navy, excel in small unit missions across diverse terrains and environments. Trained for combat in marine, jungle, urban, arctic, hilly, and desert settings, SEALs undertake high-risk assignments, such as capturing high-level targets and gathering vital intelligence. Their exceptional proficiency in direct action, special reconnaissance, and sabotage make them one of the world’s most renowned Special Forces.

1. United States Army Special Forces (Green Berets)

The World's Top 10 Special Forces

The Epitome of Elite Soldiers, Special Forces soldiers, commonly referred to as the Green Berets, represent the pinnacle of military expertise. With rigorous training and a selective evaluation process, these soldiers undertake highly sensitive missions, ranging from disrupting enemy communications to executing quiet guerrilla warfare tactics behind enemy lines. Special Forces prioritize language proficiency, cultural understanding, and extensive training, ensuring their effectiveness in complex and diverse operational environments.


From Italy’s Grupo de Intervento Special to the United States’ renowned Navy SEALs, these top 10 special forces units showcase the epitome of military excellence. With their unparalleled skills, extensive training, and unwavering dedication, these elite warriors redefine security and protect national interests both at home and abroad. Their expertise in counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, and hostage rescue operations highlights their crucial role in maintaining global peace and stability.