The delivery time of the US aircraft carrier USS Enterprise was delayed by 18 months due to delays in providing raw materials and supply chain problems.

According to the US Navy’s 2025 fiscal year budget document published on March 18, the Ford-class super aircraft carrier USS Enterprise will be handed over in September 2029, 18 months later than the expected delivery schedule. Previously, it was March 2028.

US Navy documents show that the progress of handing over the USS Enterprise was delayed due to disruptions in the supply of raw materials and the supply chain.

In addition to delaying the delivery of the Enterprise warship, the US Navy also postponed ordering the fifth Ford-class aircraft carrier, which was expected to replace the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The deal was originally scheduled to take place in fiscal 2028 but was pushed back to 2030.

Last year, The US Navy considered postponing the purchase of Ford-class aircraft carriers with body numbers CVN-82 ​​and CVN-83 ​​because the country’s military wanted to sign purchasing contracts in batches so as not to have to add contract options each time. Year. Another reason for this is the delayed delivery of the aircraft carrier Enterprise.

In October 2023, Jay Stefany, then acting assistant secretary of the US Navy in charge of research, development and procurement, explained that the Enterprise ship’s delivery date was delayed due to labor shortages and the impact of the pandemic—COVID-19 pandemic and problems with suppliers.

USS Enterprise is the third super aircraft carrier of the Ford class. The first ship of this class is the USS Gerald R. Ford, delivered in April 2017 and commissioned two months later. The second Ford-class aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy, is in the completion stage and expected to be delivered next year.

The Ford aircraft carrier cost $12.6 billion at the time of delivery, exceeding the expected budget of $2.4 billion and becoming the most expensive warship in US naval history. Battleships are equipped with many new technologies, but they have many problems related to reliability.

The Ford battleship once stalled during a test trip in January 2018 as well as experienced a series of problems related to radar, electromagnetic catapults (EMALS) and improved elevators.

According to USNI, AFP, Reuters