The US only has one aid package left for Ukraine
Ukraine's M2 Bradley armored vehicle at the Zaporizhzhia front in June. Photo:Reuters

White House officials said the US only has enough resources left for one Ukraine aid package this year, and Congress needs to approve new amounts.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on December 18 that the Pentagon’s finance official, Michael McCord, wrote a letter to parliamentarians saying “the government has allocated the remaining money.” to supplement US supplies and replace what is being shipped to Ukraine.”

“We only have one more aid package left before the additional authorization is exhausted,” Mr. Kirby said, referring to the mechanism passed by Congress that allows the Pentagon to make compensatory purchases of weapons and military equipment withdrawn from storage to transfer to Ukraine.

Presidential Resource Adjustment Authority (PDA) is a law that allows the US government to flexibly transfer some inventory resources and defense equipment to partners in emergencies without waiting for congressional approval. US President Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly used PDAs to provide military aid to Ukraine.

The Pentagon plans to announce its final aid package of the year later this month. However, Mr. Kirby refused to disclose the value of the package.

“When this package is complete, we no longer have an authorized source,” Mr. Kirby said. “We will need the US Congress to act immediately. This is in our clear national interest and is absolutely necessary to continue fighting”.

Mr. Kirby made his comments in the context of hard-line Republican lawmakers blocking a new aid package for Ukraine. They think that the government’s administration is prioritizing support for Ukraine rather than solving domestic problems such as security in the border area.

Republican lawmakers are negotiating with Democrats and the White House on an agreement to tighten local policies along the US-Mexico border to prevent the flow of immigrants in exchange for passing more aid to the US. Ukraine and Israel.

According to Mr. Kirby, President Biden “will negotiate in good faith and be willing to compromise.” “We are negotiating with parliamentarians on border security; of course, support for Ukraine and Israel will be part of that,” Mr. Kirby said.

The United States is the largest military aid donor to Ukraine, with more than 44 billion USD. The $100 million aid announced on November 20, along with recent small-scale aid packages, came from money discovered after an accounting error by the Pentagon.