Self-propelled gun M109, the photo is illustrative
Self-propelled gun M109, the photo is illustrative

The US Ministry of Defense announced the signing of a contract for the supply of M109A7 self-propelled artillery systems. This is reported on the Pentagon’s official website.

The amount of the agreement is 466.4 million dollars. The manufacturer has received the first tranche of 83.3 million dollars, and the contract execution date is set for December 30, 2026. We will also remind you that the M109A7 artillery system is delivered together with the M992A3 ammunition supply vehicles.

Exactly how many self-propelled guns M109A7 should be produced is not reported. At the same time, it can be mentioned here that 40 self-propelled guns, including M992A3, spare parts, etc., were purchased last year as part of a contract worth 299 million dollars, so this time we can roughly talk about 60 sets.

The M109A7 self-propelled artillery installation is the latest version of the M109 self-propelled gun, the components of which were primarily unified with other US Army vehicles, in particular with the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

The system is equipped with a digital SUV and has an advanced semi-automatic charging system. Ammunition increased to 39 shots thanks to replacing hydraulic control systems with an electric drive.